All You Need To Know About The Zantac Stomach Cancer Lawsuits

Zantac is an FDA-approved drug that has been on the market for decades. The medicine is used to treat heartburn, indigestion, gastric ulcers, sour stomach, and other gastrointestinal conditions. People have been using this drug to treat these conditions, but allegations recently indicate that these medications could increase cancer risk.

Although the FDA had previously approved the use of this drug, it was reported that some batches of these medications had the presence of a probable human carcinogen, NDMA. If you or your loved one suffer from stomach cancer from Zantac, you can file a lawsuit against the company and manufacturer and claim your compensation.

Does Zantac really cause stomach cancer?

Zantac products are very commonly being used in the United States for treating gastrointestinal issues. However, concerns started appearing when an independent online pharmacy named Valisure conducted laboratory tests for confirming the safety of Zantac. In the tests, it was found that the drug had unsafe levels of NDMA. NDMA is an unsafe carcinogenic chemical, and overexposure to such chemicals can cause stomach or gastric cancer.  

Who is at risk for stomach cancer?

Normally, anyone who has bought and consumed Zantac is at risk. However, people who have taken the drug regularly for months or years carry greater risk. However, the statistics for how unsafe the drug is for the stomach and other types of cancer are currently unknown. Therefore, the FDA has not yet announced a recall of the drug from the market. But, the risks are still there. 

Who is eligible to file a lawsuit? 

You are eligible for filing a Zantac stomach cancer lawsuit if you have suffered from severe health consequences after consuming Zantac. You can file a claim under the following grounds. 

  • The Zantac company failed to test its products correctly before selling them on the market to consumers.
  • The company failed to design a product that was safe for use for the intended purpose, that is, treating gastrointestinal illnesses. 
  • The company knew about the dangers of their products but failed to inform the consumers about all the potential risks and side effects. 

Evidence required 

In any legal case, you must have valid evidence supporting your claim. To prove your stomach cancer claims, you must establish the following.

  1. You must keep the receipt from when you bought the drug. This helps in proving that you had indeed bought the drug. 
  2. You must seek medical help and keep your medical reports safe—these help in proving that you suffered from injuries that were indeed acquired from the drug.

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