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An Overview of the Brand Omega

Being the first watch to ever be worn on the moon and having been featured in the Olympics as well as popular movies like James Bond. Omega is not a new name in the watch industry. This is a brand that doesn’t only have a rich history but it makes one of the most unique timepieces in the market. Omega watches have been around for nearly two centuries and for a company with such a lengthy experience, you can expect nothing short of quality from them. In this article, we are going to look at the history and some of the things that make this brand stand out from the rest.

Where Did Omega Come From?

Would you believe that a popular brand such as Omega began in a little workshop in La Chaux de Fonds in Switzerland? Back in 1848, Louis Brandt, a watchmaker, decided to open a business that would later grow into a multi-million business. His sons took over the business and ever since, the Omega brand has turned into an influential watchmaker worldwide.

After Brandt died in 1879, his sons took the company to newer heights by making and selling watches such as the Labrador and the 19-line OMEGA which is responsible for the company’s ‘rise to fame’.

From there, the company has passed from one generation to another. With each generation making crucial milestones that would bring the brand to where it is at the moment. One key milestone was OMEGA being given the role of official timekeeper in some sports in Switzerland. And that’s how they landed a partnership with the Olympic Games in 1932.

Omega’s Venture into the 20th Century

Omega saw its biggest breakthrough in 1962, when Wally Schirra, the astronaut, wore the Speedmaster in space. This was the first-ever watch to be worn on the moon. After that, the Speedmaster became more popular than ever and it gained the recognition of NASA.

And their success didn’t stop there. In 1995, Omega got a partnership with James Bond. Pierce Brosnan wore an Omega watch in the movie GoldenEye. This is when this brand gained its popularity.

Fast forward to the 21st century, Omega continued to produce better and more advanced watches. For instance, their Seamaster Planet Ocean, which is a dive watch. It is known for its water resistance and thanks to the helium release valve, you can dive up to 600 meters. The same Seamaster has also been part of more than 5 lunar missions. This proves how reputable a brand Omega really is.

Omega’s Target Market

Do you love a brand with a rich history? Then Omega watches should be perfect for you. There are so many designs and styles for you to choose from. No matter what your preferences are in a watch, Omega has got you covered. Be it a casual or formal occasion, you can rock your Omega watch and be assured that you will stand out.

What we love about the Omega brand is that they have a watch for everyone. All Omega models have unique features that appeal to people of all ages. If you prefer a more vintage look or the newer designs, Omega has got you covered.

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