Answerly App: Get Paid to Share Your Thoughts

Who doesn’t love having extra bucks in their pockets? We know you do! But sometimes people struggle in finding the right medium to do so. Having spare time in hand can open doors to a lot of opportunities around us. Plus, having a skill that can help you earn money is a win-win situation. However, writing for money can take a lot of time and some individuals might not be comfortable with it.

Other times, not being able to have the freedom to share your opinion freely, can be suffocating. Creators are now continuously focusing on how to create websites that don’t pressurize writers and the clients/readers’ demands are also met. So, to help your skills to be transformed into well-deserved cash, Answerly has come into existence!

What Makes Answerly Unique?

We live in a fast-paced world, where everything is constantly evolving. Be it humans or technology, nothing stays the same. If this is the case, how can you not expect the writing industry to be modernized? Many Q/A platforms do the same jobs; help people find answers or give opinions on any topic. But what makes these sites stand out from each other is important. The truth is apps like Quora and Redditt work almost the same. But, what about Answerly? How is this similar but yet shines the brightest?

Revolution comes in plenty of ways and in Answerly’s case, it is the blend of digital currencies and writing. The brains behind this project have put their heart and soul and emerged with an app based on an excellent algorithm. It is built on Stellar blockchain technology making Answerly a reward-earning platform. Unlike other Q/A apps, this pays in Answerly Tokens. These tokens act as digital currencies which can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies or even fiat. So, for those who wish to earn crypto through their passion, they must try their hands on it.

You’ve earned your rewards; will it take ages to get into your account? Certainly not, Answerly knows what its users want and one of these is timely payment. The majority of writers have to deal with clients who pay late while some platforms are mismanaged resulting in delays. But not at Answerly! Being built on the Stellar blockchain and using the services of Lobstr, the transaction is made fast and easy with fewer fees.

Uniqueness Limited to Money?

It’s good to be paid for sharing your thoughts, but there is got to be more than that for a platform to be successful. It doesn’t only think of the writers but questioners also get to earn a set of rewards. Plus, it is a non-judgmental zone, that doesn’t let anyone mock others who voice their opinions.

People who post answers are ranked according to their content quality. Many features determine the criteria for the best answer. These include readability, grammar, structure, and authenticity. All these characteristics are determined by the app using an integrated plagiarism checker.

What’s better than having free will to play with words for a writer? On Answerly there is no pressure of clients, deadlines, or keywords. As long your answer is correct and precise, you’ll earn your deserving awards. It has a built-in Unsplash library from where writers can choose pictures according to the topic. This will help them explain better.

With all of this uniqueness, creative freedom, and easy money on one platform, is there anything else you need as a writer?

Few Other Ways To Get Paid to Share Your Opinion

Till now we believe, you must have found the website of your dreams. But, if you are still open to options, we can help you discover some other ways to share your thoughts and get paid for it as well:

Online Surveys

It is one of the best ways to make extra money and those with average reading skills can get the most benefit out of it. Most survey sites are free to sign-up and they work best for everybody. Be it college students, or stay-at-home mums, everyone is welcomed on it. Brands and market research companies require these surveys to gather data. Once you sign up with these survey sites, you are well-compensated.

TV, Film, or Product Reviewing

Almost everyone has an interest in Film and TV industry and knows what’s trending. Plus, it’s easy to get paid for it if you know how to write reviews on them. It might sound hard to review shows but, once you get a hold of it, everything works out.

For product reviewing, you have to register on product tester sites where you can make money by reviewing products. The best part is that most of the time you get to keep the items you review or even sell them for more earnings. After all, who knew sharing opinions would let you earn a few extra bucks!

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