Application of Gantry Crane in Metallurgical Plant

Introduction of Gantry Crane

Metallurgical Gantry crane is a commonly used industrial equipment. It is mainly composed of gantry, main beam, slave beam and hoisting structure. The advantage of the gantry crane is that it has good lifting performance and is suitable for hoisting large objects, so it is widely used in steel plants, machinery plants and metallurgical plants.

In metallurgical plants, gantry cranes are mainly used to lift steel ingots, iron ingots and other large objects. Common gantry cranes include horizontal gantry cranes, parallel gantry cranes and symmetrical gantry cranes. The horizontal bar gantry crane is mainly composed of a main beam, which can realize the rotation of the boom. Compared with the single-bar gantry crane, the parallel-bar gantry crane has stronger stability, but the lifting effect of large objects is not as good as that of the horizontal-bar gantry crane. The symmetrical gantry crane is to connect two independent main beams symmetrically, so that the whole equipment has excellent stability.

The working principle of gantry crane

Gantry crane is a special kind of lifting equipment, which is widely used in factories, warehouses, shipyards and various industries. Using the free mobility of the gantry, various irregular objects can be hoisted. The main feature is that it is designed according to the required lifting height and length. The transmission method does not require foundation load-bearing and can be installed on uneven ground; the boom and the main beam are connected by multi-point fixed connection, which increases the rigidity of the boom; The transmission mechanism simplifies the transmission parts and reduces the electrical parts to a minimum; it has opening and closing brakes, unloading, deceleration, luffing, motor stop, photoelectric sensors to monitor each working position and safety protection devices.

Gantry cranes mainly include gantry, guide rails, columns, scissor-type or hoisting main beams, booms, transmission parts and electrical parts. It works by hoisting an object to a certain height, then lowering it.

In metallurgical plants, gantry cranes are mainly used to take smelted products (such as steel ingots) out of smelting kilns and transport them to cooling warehouses or other places. Moreover, gantry cranes are often used for loading and unloading large mechanical equipment, such as boilers and fans.

When using a gantry crane, it is generally operated by remote control. Therefore, safety is an essential consideration when using gantry cranes.

Application of Gantry Crane in Metallurgical Plant

In metallurgical plants, gantry cranes are widely used in various lifting operations, such as lifting and unloading of molten iron, steel billets, steel bars, casting molds, etc., hoisting smelting, pouring, packaging and transportation, etc. The advantage is that there will be no inclination when hoisting the goods, which can ensure the safety of the goods; when hoisting large billets, it can be heated in a suspended state. In addition, the gantry crane only needs one operator to complete the entire operation process, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

Advantages of Gantry Cranes

Gantry crane is a common industrial equipment widely used in metallurgical plants. It has many advantages, such as high efficiency, low noise, simple structure and so on.

Gantry cranes are highly efficient because of their strong operating capabilities. It can work at high speed while also taking a lot of load. Moreover, the operating costs of such equipment are relatively low.

In addition, the noise level of gantry cranes is relatively low. During use, people hardly feel the noise. At the same time, the operation of the device is relatively simple, and generally does not require special skills to operate.

In conclusion, gantry cranes are ideal equipment for metallurgical plants. It has many advantages to improve work efficiency while guaranteeing safety in the work process.


The metallurgical industry needs large cranes to handle various materials. Weihua Gantry cranes are widely used in metallurgical plants due to their excellent performance. Gantry cranes can lift steel, copper, aluminum and other metal materials from underground. In addition, it is capable of lifting materials such as large stones, wood, etc. to construction sites.

Due to the handling of large and heavy materials in the production process of the metallurgical industry, the requirements for cranes are relatively high. The gantry crane has just the required performance, so it is very widely used in metallurgical plants.

The use of gantry cranes can significantly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, and is an essential production equipment for metallurgical plants.

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