How to Apply for Canada Immigration from UAE: 2021 Update

How to Apply for Canada Immigration from UAE: 2021 Update

Are you currently living in UAE and considering moving and settle in Canada? Great Choice! Every year thousands of people living in the UAE apply to Canada Immigration.. With better job opportunities, affordable cost of living, highly incredible healthcare facilities, it has become a prime location to settle for immigrants. 

Now, are you thinking about how can you immigrate to Canada from UAE, or What are the pathways that you can try to immigrate to Canada? 

There are different pathways that you can choose to move to Canada from the UAE, depending upon your need and profile. Also, you can get on the right path with immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi to ensure guaranteed landing in Canada. 

 Some of the common ways are:

  1. Express Entry System: Express Entry program was introduced in Canada in 2015 and because of this program, it is relatively simpler and easy for immigrants to come to Canada. It is a point-based immigration system which is operated by IRCC. The eligibility of immigrants is based on different parameters under this system such as age, language proficiency, education, work experience, etc. Once the candidate has completed the threshold of minimum eligibility, then the candidate receives ITA (Invitation to Apply). 
  2. Provincial Nominee Programs: You can also consider provincial streams for your application for permanent residence from the UAE. Eligibility criteria are set by the province which is different for different provinces. If the province or territory is interested in you, then you may receive an invitation to apply for a provincial nomination. After the candidate has received ITA, then a time frame of 90 days is given to the candidate in which he can submit documents and other credentials for immigration. And then the screening time of your application will be completed in less than 6 months.
  3. Quebec Immigrant Investor Program: It is one of the most popular business program and only passive investment program that leads to Canadian permanent residence. But Quebec Investor is currently paused. There are some primary requirements which Quebec Investor has to fulfil such as he should legally acquire a personal net worth of $2million, investment of $1.2 million into a passive government guaranteed investment for a period of five years bearing no interest, etc.

Important Documents Required for Immigration:

  • IELTS Score
  • Educational and work information document
  • Medical check-up documents
  • Police Verification
  • Processing Time for Immigration

After the introduction Express Entry Program, the migration way has become easier and the processing time is also reduced. Now, screening time and processing of the application can be completed within 6-12 months only.

Process of Immigration from UAE to Canada

Since it is a legal issue, it is advised to take some professional help from immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi for all your immigration needs. This will help you to complete the immigration process smoothly and you can also choose the best option available.

Final Words About Province Before you Settle Down

It becomes very important for you to select the right place to settle that can alter your experience and the level of happiness. For Canada immigration skilled worker you must look for the following things before taking your final decision:

  • Accommodation
  • Cultural Preference
  • Work Opportunity
  • Family Ethnicity
  • Financial Aspect

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