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Apps That Help Hospitality Businesses Run Smoother In 2021

The hospitality industry is ever-evolving and now, the process of booking, checking, and staying in a hotel has never been easier. From a customer’s perspective, these changes might feel like they are made possible through excellent training and proper employee guidance. What they don’t know is that there is an assortment of apps that make the job easier as well.

Mobile devices and mobile apps are bringing massive changes to the hospitality industry. Aside from making things simpler for guests, these apps also make things easier for the people working in the industry as well.

If you are running a business in this industry, then it’s time you know exactly how important it is to have your business and its personnel supported by useful apps. There are many helpful hospitality apps that you can try out but these ones are truly the cream of the crop.


One of the most challenging aspects of running a hotel is managing the staff and the rooms. It becomes an even bigger challenge if the hotel is large and is able to accommodate hundreds of guests. Manually managing the hotel is near impossible which is why the use of software and apps is a must.

One of the top hotel management apps currently is RoomRacoon. As one of the best rated hotel front desk software available, RoomRacoon has amazing features that are geared towards providing quality customer service. Other than that, it makes managing your staff a lot easier to do as well.

A good quality of RoomRacoon is that it is also very easy to use and understand. In many cases, hoteliers take some time before they can acclimate to using a certain software. Understandably, those software are effective but the level of complexity does hamper productivity as well.

By making the software intuitive, hoteliers and their staff can easily adjust and incorporate RoomRacoon into the structure of the business.

Little Hotelier

This app is the same as RoomRacoon. However, while RoomRacoon caters to biggar hotels, Little Hotelier instead focuses on smaller ventures. These include motels, small B&bs, and such. It’s a cost-efficient and cost-effective alternative to RoomRacoon.

It has all the makings to be a perfect companion to your hospitality business. It can also be a means to start making it into something far bigger and more complex as well.


One of the biggest hurdles for travelers and hotel staff is the language barrier. Nothing makes traveling to another country more difficult aside from the fact that people can’t understand you. At the very least, travelers are expecting that the hotels they check into can understand their most basic of requests.

To solve this common problem you might want to give your staff access to Duolingo. This is an app that serves as a means for people to study other languages. Although it’s an app, Duolingo has made countless worldwide either fluent or well-versed in a new language.

This is a good app for your business because it can also serve as a translator for your employees. Duolingo supports many languages and it’s very likely that it can help your staff talk to guests from around the world. Of course, they don’t need to study a second or third language.

What it can do though is that it can help your staff remember key phrases that guests are most likely going to be saying throughout their stay.


If you are running a luxury hotel that has a fancy restaurant most commonly booked for romantic dates, then Vivino should be one of the tools in your arsenal.

To put it simply Vivino is a software that gives you access to a wealth of information about wines. While this might not seem important for hospitality businesses at first, keep in mind that your guests are most likely expecting that you have deep knowledge about the local and international wines in your cellar.

Vivino gives you a history rundown and a short description of the flavor profiles of a growing list of wines in its database. Having extensive knowledge on this aspect of a restaurant is crucial and is a sure sign that you are taking their requests and needs very seriously.

Alice Guest App

The apps that you should have shouldn’t just be for your employees to make the job easier, it should also be for your guest to make the stay all the more pleasurable. A good app to have for your guest is the Alice Guest App. Simply put, this will be your form of room service instead of the traditional telephone.

The problem with traditional telephones to manage room service is that if you have a fully booked hotel, it can be hard to accommodate all the calls coming to the front desk. If you guests use the Alice Guest App, it will be much easier for them to call for staff.

Anything between requesting for new sheets, getting food, and even having the room cleaned can be requested through the app. It’s very helpful as it’s a direct means to contact the front desk without having to be put on hold through the phone.


Hosco is basically a central hub for everything you need about the hospitality industry. This includes job opportunities, listings, and even the latest news and updates surrounding hotels and restaurants. It’s something that every hotelier and aspiring industry professional would want with them at all times.

You can use Hosco as a means to take note of the latest trends and changes in the industry. This will help you be up to date with everything that there is to know currently. For many hotel owners, Hosco is also a means to keep a competitive edge in such a tough industry to be in.

These are the top apps that have helped countless businesses in the hospitality business. There are many others that are good to mention but in terms of functionality and impact, it’s these apps that truly provide the business all the help it needs.

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