Avast Won’t Open Issue: Simple Solution To Fix Your Problem

Working on the computer takes us to the antivirus section and even if we don’t browse much then also an antivirus is a must. If you are using your processor without an antivirus then you are taking a lot of risks. In the field of antivirus, Avast seems to be a very common name as most people use it due to its availability of free version. It is not just because Avast is free but the hype is because it actually protects the processor from viruses. There is even a paid version of Avast that would keep your PC safe from any foreign and unwanted things. Now the problem is that nowadays the Avast won’t open in computers and laptops. 

We know that Avast is an important app and if that would not open then the security of the laptop would be threatened. No matter if you are using the paid version or free version of Avast but Avast won’t open from the first day of installation. This is a common problem that you would want to solve for sure. Here are some easy solutions to fix the Avast won’t open issue in your laptop that you need to check out:

Let us know about the issue in details:

This issue is not being faced by Apple users as the issue of Avast won’t open is mainly found in windows. So it is clear that if you are using Avast on your phone then you would not face any such issues with it. In this case of the window, Avast is just not opening from the very first day and the worst part is that there is not even an error message. This is a very big problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible. Hel us know about the reasons behind the ‘Avast won’t open issue’ in your window processor:

Lets us focus on the reasons behind Avast not opening on your window processor:

Avast is a strong app that most people install to protect their processor from any viruses and it does the job well. Now that Avast won’t open in windows, people are really worried about this issue. Here you should always try to know about the reason behind it as that would help you a lot in this case. There are so many reasons that can create this issue for you. Here are some common causes of Avast won’t open issue that you need to check out so that you can fix the issue:

Broken installation for Avast:

This is one of the main reasons behind ‘Avast won’t open issue’ in your windows. This happens if you would not be able to install the app successfully in your processor. The good thing is that, if this is the issue then you would be able to solve it right there. Avast would let you know if the problem is caused because of a broken installation in Avast. Here you should have a clean installation over again and after this, your App would start working even in windows. This is a very simple process that works almost for very users which is great.

Service running issue in the Avast app:

This is not a very common issue but sometimes, Avast won’t open in windows because of poor service by the app. This issue would not get solved until you make an effort to repair this problem. The good thing is that you can easily solve this issue with some simple steps which are just amazing. Here are the steps mentioned:

Repair Avast:

Here you have to get to the repair wizard of the app to fix the Avast won’t open issue. It is important for you to use the administrative account during this process. The second step here is to open the control panel in the app. You now have to uninstall a program under the program section of the app. This step would take to the Avast repair section and you can choose repair to fix the issue. Once you would confirm the task, the issue would be resolved.

Restart the app:

There can be different reasons behind the Avast won’t open issue but restarting the app would help you a lot. Once you would check the service status of the app then you can restart the app to have a clean start with the app. This one solution would fix almost all the issues of Avast and it would again run on your processor. 

Try to have a clean installation:

As we already know that broken installation of Avast is a thing so you need to fix it. You can simply have a clear start with Avast to let it perform in your processor. It is always better to delete the app first to install it over again. Once you would get into the page of Avast then you can choose to download it over again. reboot the app once and clean the cache and then you can just restart your processor to enjoy the app. Avast would again start working in your windows without showing any further issues which is a great thing.

If you want to know more about Avast Won’t Open Issue and want to fix issue in simple way

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