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Banking and Financial Services Jobs in Singapore

For over 20 years, Singapore has been the leading recruitment industry in the banking and finance sector due to its firm and trusted relationship with its partners. 

According to a recent survey, the banking and financial services jobs in Singapore were recognized globally as the leading recruitment partner to the industry.

Singapore works closely with some prominent banks internationally, insurance companies, fund managers, brokerage firms, accountancy, investment consultancy firms, and well-established financial institutions.

Diversified teams work across different cadres of employment and are discerned only by the trickle in the hierarchy of management, thus the remarkable success in the industry.

Below are banking and financial services jobs in Singapore 

Internal Audit

Singapore is technically progressing fast and soon to be a Smart Nation leading to the growth and evolution of the Acs (Audit committees).

There is a high demand for audits in the management sector to ease the burden of bulk work in controlling and monitoring companies’ liquidity and assets. They require a Senior Audit Manager, IT Audit Senior Manager, Head of Internal Audit, and an Internal Audit Data Analytics Manager.

Software Development

Specialists require data science, machine learning, and programming languages (python) that make it easy for them to learn and implement.

Programmers are as vital as IT experts are, and they need to keep renewing their skills to remain relevant in the banking and financial services sector.

Singapore needs Go Developer, JavaScript Developers, and Backend Developers, all for permanent positions in the industry.

Design, Digital & Creative

Industries in Singapore are progressively embracing digital alteration over the past few years, thus exposing new opportunities and growth.

Technology is an essential priority in the banking and financial service sectors due to its power to restrain common challenges.

The country requires Mobile App Developers, UI/UX designers, digital and IT consultants in the banking and finance sector.

Financial Services

Corporate and Institutional Banking

Sometimes it isn’t easy to find specialist staff to access the customers’ wealth and assets in a bank.

Corporate and institutional banking embroils diligently working with customers and mounting finance solutions in fund management, debts configuring, and inquiry services.

Singapore is looking for a relationship manager, credit analyst, head of corporate banking, and a team head for permanent roles and positions in their banking and finance services sector.

 Private Wealth and Retail Banking

Singapore’s first digital banking permits were recently ratified by the MAS (The Monetary Authority of Singapore); hence banks and financial services can now fully access the SMEs freely without any restraint.

These will lead to immense growth and new net flow incomes due to the wealthy clients willing to embrace these new digital services.

Due to the mentioned situation, Singapore needs private bankers, product specialists, investment advisors, and bancassurance experts with the best permanent roles in the banking and finance services sectors.

Final Verdict

Singapore’s government internalizes the clients’ needs since their core service strategy is established on customer-centricity.

Their support services range from payroll compliance services, corporate services preparations, moral support of employees, quick response services to visa provision support services.

However, the countries’ citizens and people take these job cadres available in Singapore’s banking and financial sector to the advantage of different nations since the industry offers services internationally.



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