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Bathroom heating — Common FAQS answered about bathroom underfloor heating

Common FAQS answered about bathroom underfloor heating

Designing your bathroom can be a really exciting task. It is actually fun to bring your required sanitaryware in your favourite colours in the house and watch the wonderful transformation of your bathroom. This will definitely turn your washing space into an attractive room. But imagine if you can add an underfloor heating system to this room too? Won’t it make this space more inviting? Especially when you leave your cosy bed on a winter morning and step into the bathroom. Yes, we know you think this is an excellent idea but have some questions in mind. But don’t worry, we are answering the most common ones in this post.

Ø  Important questions and their answers about bathroom underfloor heating system

Let us help you with the name of one of the best providers of bathroom heating – Heatwell! They carry out the installation of the heating system in all your rooms including bathrooms and kitchens and even provide 10-year-warranty of their services. Now, before you approach them, you should definitely get your doubts cleared:

  1.   How good is it to have bathroom underfloor heating? — The bathroom underfloor system is actually a great step to transform your washing experience to an extremely luxurious one.  This is one step that not only adds a comfort factor to your washing space, but it also increases the property value of your house. When the buyers of the house see that you have an underfloor heating system in your bathroom, they are automatically attracted to pay a nice sum for the space.
  1.   Why should we have bathroom underfloor heating? — The very precise answer to this is that it just keeps the washroom space warm. If you live in a really cold weather zone, you might know the cringe you feel each time you think of taking a bath. Well, you can reduce that pain by simply adding underfloor heating in your washroom. So, even when the temperature outside is -25 degrees, you are having a warm bath in your house and in a relaxed manner which is actually a great comfort to look forward to.
  2.   Can we have electric underfloor heating in a wet room? — An electric underfloor heating system is also called a dry system. This is actually the most common and preferred heating system installed in almost 60% of the houses. It is because the bathroom underfloor heating is directly connected to the central heating system of the house and whenever you walk into the bathroom, then you don’t have to turn on the heaters separately, the central heating system of the house does the work for you.
  3.   Is an electric underfloor heating system safe in a bathroom? — Most of you are afraid of the installation of this “dry system” in your bathroom because the words electric and wet rooms come together here. But don’t worry, these electrical lines of the heating system are installed under the tiles even before the floor is laid. All the wires are properly concealed and secured well in their places so that they aren’t impacted by the water usage in the washroom. So, you can rest assured, the electric underfloor system is entirely safe for your bathroom.

We hope all your queries about the underfloor heating system are solved now. Just ensure to get it installed by a good team of workers to enjoy its fruits for long. 

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