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Bay Window Curtains — 5 Awesome Ideas to Utilise your Bay Window Beautifully in your Home!

5 Awesome ideas to utilise your bay window beautifully in your home!

Got a bay window in your home? Then you probably are the luckiest person on Earth. We all know how charming this window looks in your home and what a classical touch it provides to the place. But are you keeping your bay windows plain, only for the extra light that it provides? What if you can change its entire presentation and transform it into a superb part of your home?

Ø  Best ideas to decorate and utilise your bay windows distinctly!

A bay window requires some amount of decorating and care to let it stay that magnificent focal point of your home. But let’s not stay boring. Why not add a twist here and decorate it differently to transform this space into something majestic and classy? Excited and enticed? Well, even we are to let you know about those awesome décor themes for bay windows.

1. Turn it into a mini office space — Do you have a bay window in your bedroom? Then you can always transform it into your mini office. How? Just add an extra curtain to create a temporary partition from your sleeping area. Further, add a desk near the window, place your office desk, stack up your books and files and you’re ready to work in your own private, cosy office in front of bright natural light.

2. Keep it royal with the classical drapes — If you want your home to look bigger and royal, then adorning your bay window does the magic. Get some astounding draperies in luscious fabrics and outstanding colours and dress up your windows with it. Design and customise these in your preferred way from Made Curtains providing bay window curtains in the most fabulous materials and patterns. You can even place some art pieces around this area to make it look better — and the royal touch in your room is guaranteed.

3. Make it your favourite seating or reading nook — Don’t let your bay window stay unused. Make it your favourite corner to get you the daily dose of vitamin D and read your paper or book. Just add a divan with a soft cushion on it. Throw some super soft, beautifully covered cushions and the rest is imaginable.

4. Create a fabulous breakfast corner — Not all love breakfast outdoors. Be inside in your cool room but do enjoy the clear light and fantastic breakfast with a view by placing your dining table near the bay window. With some added touches of silky pastel colours in the form of curtains or seat cushions, and fresh flowers complimenting it, this would be your ideal breakfast corner.

5. Keep it simple but elegant — If you are minimalist and love simple but elegant touch in your home, then let the bay window stay simple and sweet. Just add good looking curtains and leave the glass transparent with classical wooden panes. Add a sofa along it to create a powerful effect and your area around the bay window would be a bespoke sign of elegance.

 These ideas are super effective to create a fabulous effect in your home with your bay windows as the focal point. Don’t you think so too?

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