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Best Apps for Pranks and Prank Calls

While many of us love to make the occasional prank and they’re still viewed as a favorite past-time, contrarily pranks have actually declined in popularity in recent years.

Perhaps due to the risks involved and potentially landing on the wrong side of the law, more and more people just don’t play as many pranks as they used.

However, with the introduction of prank apps, the tide has turned, and pranks have made a significant comeback.

Since pranks come straight from a smartphone, not only are they more convenient and safer, but also bring fantastic new features to the table.

Below are our top prank apps of 2020, let’s begin!


For prank dial lovers who struggle to pull off this classic prank, there is a better alternative that will still hilariously fool your friends.

The OwnagePranks Prank Calls app replicates a prank caller with an automated pre-recorded call. Prank scripts are recorded prior by voice actors, including Russell Johnson himself – the face of the series which showcase a tonne of hilarious prank scenarios.

Top-performing pre-recordings include:

Stay Away From My Girl! – An overly jealous boyfriend accuses you of hitting on his girlfriend and demands you stay away.

You Hit My Car! – Buk Law accuses you of hitting his car and wants compensation for damages.

Prerecorded calls also use a speech recognition Ai to anticipate and detect silence, along with recognizing keywords to make human-like responses. The AI helps conversations run smoothly, so your friends don’t catch on that it’s a pre-recording over the phone.

Epic Police Siren

If a cop has ever pulled you over, then you’ll know the gut-wrenching feeling you get in your stomach before he gets out of his car. Now, what if you could replicate that scenario without the police pulling you over?

The Epic Police Siren is an app that does precisely this, producing sirens and lights from police cars and even ambulances all over the world. So the next time you’re sitting in the backseat of a friend’s car, start by launching the app and then playing the police car siren synonymous with your country.

Sirens can also be customized to show a specific color, flash speed and flash pattern, offering 20 real siren sounds altogether. There are other cool sound-effects albeit not as convincing if you want to pull off this prank successfully, these include explosions, dogs barking, standard police sayings and many more.

Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free

Deceive your best friends and family members with this location spoofer app, which lets you instantly change your GPS to any country on the globe.

Perfect if you are traveling and someone is anticipating your arrival, upon launching the app you’ll be able to overwrite your current proximity. To do so, turn off ‘High Accuracy’, which should be under Settings and Location Mode in your phone, and press ‘Device only’ or ‘GPS only’.

To prevent any technical issues, you will need to have Google Play Services and Maps pre-installed on your phone as the app will not change your location otherwise.

So what are you waiting for? Trick your school friends on social media by showing them you’re going sight-seeing in France or going on a safari tour in Africa. The possibilities are endless!

Fake Call

This prank calling app won’t fool the people you call, but your friends and colleagues who happen to be right next to you. You see, instead of making a prank call, you will be the one receiving one, with you being in on it.

Fake Call lets users schedule fake incoming calls, so you can pretend to engage in a conversation even though nobody is on the other line. The app also has a phony SMS feature, which similarly to calls can be sent to your phone. It also lets you customize the text messages contents which can be saved and used repeatedly.

So how does this translate into a prank?

Let’s say you’re stuck in a boring work meeting and time has suddenly stood still, organize a fake incoming call and pretend you have an emergency. The concept is simple but highly effective.

Faking calling apps over the years has provided various uses, as the prank play is entirely up to the user.

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