Best Games Promotions for September 2020

Games developers and retailers often bring out their top deals in July. This is generally accepted as the start point for the summer sales, and everything from AAA titles in the USA to online slots in India are released with various deals and promotions as incentives. The range of choice ensures that gamers of all tastes will have the chance to take advantage of a promotion.

So, July is one of the best times of year to grab yourself a bargain, save some money, and treat yourself to an amazing new game. But what are the best games promotions available in July 2020?

Steam Summer Sale

Steam runs a summer sale every single year. In 2019, the sale was launched on the 25th of June and ran until the 9th of July. It’s expected that the 2020 sale will span a similar period, but there has been no official confirmation of this yet. The 2019 sale saw some of the biggest games from the previous six months reduced massively, giving gamers a golden opportunity to grab some fantastic games at bargain prices.

Last year saw some of the most impressive games of the year available at discounted prices, including major releases. Grand Theft Auto V, Tekken 7, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim VR and Fallout 4 VR were just some of the titles available for a price well below the usual cost. This year, it’s likely that big-budget games of a similar stature will be given similar discounts. With a list like that, it’s no wonder that gamers look forward to the sale every year.

While there has been no official news on the sale date or what games will be included, Doom Eternal is expected to be one of the games available at a discounted price in the sale. As Doom Eternal had been anticipated for quite some time, it was released to huge fanfare. The game itself was received extremely well and could be the biggest bargain of the whole sale.

Another game that players will be looking forward to is the remaster of Resident Evil 3. This updated version of the classic title boasts updated visuals, redefined mechanics, and long-time series star Jill Valentine — all of which will have players salivating at the prospect of getting it for a discounted price.

Again, there are no guarantees that it will be included in the Steam Summer Sale, but it’s certainly one of the games that people are looking forward to.

You might even see the immensely popular Football Manager 2020 receive a big discount, potentially up to 70%. The game was offered for free for a short while, albeit with a limit on how long the game could be played for.

Online Casino Promotions

While online casinos tend to offer bonuses and promotions all year round, the summer is still the time when things really kick into another gear. July tends to see some of the most impressive promotions and tournaments run by different online casinos. Sites such as Genesis Casino will give players the opportunity to really add to their bankroll with generous offers.

One of the most popular promotions that you can expect to see is the chance to grab extra spins on new video slot releases. Online casinos will give new and existing players the opportunity to add to their potential bankroll with massive collections of free spins. It ensures that the latest releases don’t fall into the shuffle of the other popular titles out there.

The tournaments available at casinos provide players the chance to grab some big prizes, on top of what they would usually win from having a positive outcome on certain games. On the whole, July offers players massive chances to get some fantastic deals and potentially make their money go a little further.

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