Hobby Ideas For Resume

Best Hobby Ideas For Resume

Does it matter what hobby I put on the resume? One might ask.

Well, it certainly does. You may be surprised that the hobbies you choose tell the recruiters a lot about you. Therefore, you should probably think twice before adding “drinking” as one of your hobbies.

In general, follow these rules:

  • Include a balanced mixture of professional and personal hobbies
  • Group your hobbies into categories
  • Try to match the company’s culture

If you still don’t know where to start, keep reading. These ideas will get your inspiration going.

Start With An Online Resume Builder

Did you know most online makers come with placeholder texts? They’re quite helpful for brainstorming.

Of course, your profile may not fit any hobbies auto-generated. However, these default texts will give you an idea of what kind of activities you should include.

Some good hobbies to add to your resume include:

  • Sports
  • Creative hobbies
  • Family activities
  • Academic interests

Be Multi-Faceted

Try to cover at least two categories from the above examples. You don’t want to come off as someone only interested in one thing. The recruiter may interpret a lack of hobby into an unwillingness to try new things.

However, you also want to avoid being too interesting. Nobody can be an expert in everything. The more hobbies you have, the thinner you are spreading your attention.

Include Accomplishments

If you’ve ever won an award with your hobby, be sure to include that on your resume. You want to prove that you’re more than interesting. Instead, you can pursue your hobby on a professional level.

This shows your capacity and often impress your recruiter. It also increases their interest in you.

Respond To Recruiter Expectations

Does the company feature certain activities? Or does the job require a specific type of personality?

Try to tailor your hobbies to that expectation. For example, if you apply for an accountant job, maybe say you’re interested in puzzles, like Sudoku. If applying for a developer position, try to share a few favorite video games of yours.

Research Your Future Coworkers

Another good idea is to research your future coworkers. LinkedIn can be convenient in this case.

Does the prospect company have featured teambuilding events? For example, 5k runs, and other physical activities? Do your future coworkers seem to be big into potluck, cooking, and backing?

Be smart and observant and slightly tailor your hobbies to your future colleagues’ tastes. But don’t overdo it. While you can tailor your hobbies according to the company and the position you want, you should always be careful. Deception is never a smart idea because you may need to talk about your hobbies during the interview.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, start brainstorming by using an online resume builder, then slightly develop your ideas. Hobbies can showcase your additional skills and personality. It also gives the recruiters more things to talk about during the interview.

If you’ve ever won awards for your hobbies, don’t shy away from that achievement. If you have an online portfolio, make sure to include that in the hobby section.

The best approach is to be strategically honest. The rest will fall into places.

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