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Best Mobile Phone Company In USA

All the ISPs provide voice services along with internet and TV options. Some offer only landline connections while others go for mobile phone connectivity or both. All the telecommunication giants are trying to come up with valuable plans and deals to attract more customers. Which deal among them is more suitable depends upon the customer’s requirement. The best mobile phone deals provide maximum area coverage along with affordable rates and spot-on services.

While Charter Spectrum is synonymous with Cable TV and Internet service, they have launched into the territory of mobile telecom, offering reliable connectivity throughout the USA. However, Spectrum Mobile is only available to the existing Spectrum customers. This is kind of sad because they have a huge network and their services are available in most areas of the United States. Click here to find out what your choices are if you want to switch to Spectrum Mobile.

Why we consider Spectrum Mobile as the best mobile phone provider is because of its affordability and stability. Moreover, they are offering quite a few perks and benefits which are undeniably the best among all other ISPs. To give you a tiny hint, they offer unlimited data with a mobile connection as well as all the latest brand-new phone models like the iPhone SE 2020 and Samsung Galaxy S21 series. The first costs $61 while the latter costs $51 per month over two years.

Let’s look at their listed plans to find out exactly what they are offering:

Spectrum Plans 

If you’re already a Spectrum internet user, you may only need an affordable unlimited plan. However, you can select their flexible by the gig plan as well if you don’t require unlimited data. You will get great coverage and speed at an amazingly cheap price. The only problem or drawback is that Spectrum is not offering two many choices of plans at the moment.

You’re never too sure about the data that any of the apps on your mobile are consuming. With Spectrum Mobile’s unlimited plan, you don’t have to worry about streaming high-quality movies or playing some heavy-duty online games. Other mobile phone companies offer such plans at great costs. That’s not the case with Spectrum. For $45 a month, you get unlimited data, unlimited talk time and texts, access to nationwide available Wi-Fi hotspots, and free international messages and calls to some areas.

If that fails to please you and you want to go for a smaller plan that is cheap and limited, you can choose the by-the-gig plan. You only pay for what you use. It costs $14 a month with 1 GB of data and unlimited talk and texting. If you exceed the 1 GB limit, every new GB will be charged an additional $14 afterward. It’s good for those who are either stay at home and use only their fixed broadband most of the time. It will also work well for teenagers or stay at home students and parents, especially during the recent lockdown situation.

Spectrum Network

Spectrum and Verizon both use Verizon’s wireless cell towers for their mobile connections and services. This is perfect for Spectrum customers. Staying with Verizon means you are attached to the strongest network in the USA.

Not many ISPs provide 4G LTE services in rural areas. The infrastructure is missing along with other concerns like mobile cell towers which are important for carrying and distributing signals. Verizon however, offers coverage in rural areas as well, providing services to 70% of the country. This is just pure luck for Spectrum consumers.

You might experience speed throttling during peak hours, usually in the evening, but even that varies from one location to another.

Spectrum Perks and Benefits

Spectrum is a part of the mobile virtual network providers (MVNOs). Other mobile networks who are also a part of them usually don’t invest any time and effort in offering perks. That’s not the case with Spectrum though. They offer up to 5 GB of hotspot data. Once the limit is up, the download speed is reduced which means streaming is no longer an option. However, do remember that this is just the mobile hotspot data, not your regular plan data.

Additionally, you can access the 5G service if your phone and area allow it. Plus, around 2000 free minutes where you can call Canada and Mexico as free international messaging from the U.S.

Spectrum Phones and Devices

With Spectrum, you can get the next new phone. It can very well be the set of your dreams, one that you had been waiting for. What’s amazing is that the monthly rates will be subsidized. There are some amazing deals on brand new sets. If not, you can bring your own set and get the sim card free of cost. However, it’s never too early or late to upgrade.

What we don’t much appreciate is the fact that Spectrum Mobile isn’t available to everyone. The binding that refrains you from buying Spectrum in case you’re not an existing customer is just not great.

Many people don’t like joining two different services together. Therefore, if you already have Spectrum TV or Internet, think before going for their mobile connection.

The cancellation fees are simply non-existent. However, if you cancel the internet service but want to keep on with the mobile one, it will become terribly expensive. It would be unwise to do so.

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