Best Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Flower Store on Instagram

These days, floral businesses are thriving, thanks to Instagram! The flower shop owners are wooing the IG community to promote their business and make a difference. Then, all florists do not how the way to use Instagram for marketing their business and therefore, fall behind in the competition. You too need to use IG to its maximum potential if you want to improve sales and make more money.

The photo-sharing site Instagram has one billion active monthly users and therefore, you need to learn more about its audience. It is the best social media site, which has many influencers.

According to an article published on https://www.designhill.com, you need to use social media to let your customers know about new flower arrivals, special offers, and exciting discounts. Again, if your flower store is hosting some event, announce that on Instagram with a stunning image or video to spread the word.

Therefore, if you would like to promote your flower shop on Instagram, here some best tips to take your marketing efforts to the next level:

First, Create an Instagram Floral Business Profile

You need to create a professional Instagram account. If you already have one, there is nothing like it. If not, create one right away. When you have a business page, it helps you to link your flower website to the Instagram account for promoting your business with stunning flower photography.

You need to add a website URL to drive users to your floral web pages. Though there is a single option for the link, make the most of it to boost your online visibility too in the search engine results pages.

Use High-Definition Images of a Decorated Flower Shop

You will like your prospective customers to have a good look at your flower shop from the outside as well as the interiors. For piquing audience interest, you need to embellish your floral store and display the visuals on Instagram. Store décor creates a positive impression on your followers. Besides static images, you can post a short video clip on Instagram to show off the interiors of your store.

You can experiment with many things including:

  • Display the signage of your flower store with the logo.
  • Post photos of the best and colorful flowers in your shop to generate interest.
  • Focus on the frontal look of your flower shop, especially the front windows displaying some flowerpots.

Use Hashtags Wisely

The use of trending and relevant hashtags is one of the most essential ways to help people find your flower business online. Use all the relevant hashtags for all your posts. Then, avoid copying and pasting similar hashtags on every post. That is because Instagram’s smart algorithms devalue series of posts that use the same hashtags to reduce spam.

These days, Instagrammers can mark those hashtags they do not like to see, thus helping Instagram display fresh, new content. That is the reason why you need to use diverse hashtags if a person is filtering out a hashtag that you have used. When you post high-quality images of flowers, including macro photography, you can buy automatic Instagram likes from genuine flower and gardening enthusiasts.

Hashtags help in organizing your IG content and these days, many online visitors look for flowers using a specific hashtag. So do not use hashtags for the sake of it. It has a purpose.

Build Engagement

You can build your floral brand overnight because it takes some time, effort, and hard work. First, you need to become an active user on IG and follow your fans and follow back your new followers. When you post visuals of flowers, people interested in gardening will like and comment on your posts. You need to reply to their comments quickly to make your audience feel loved and involved.

Besides fans or followers, you also need to create interactions with mentors, other floral businesses, and flower professionals to build conversations and engagement. As far as engagement is concerned, it matters the most on Instagram. No matter how many stunning images you post with numerous likes, without engagement, you cannot enhance your branding and boost your flower business.

Display Your Floral Business Operations

Posting photos and videos of your flower bouquets are great, then, it is also beneficial to mix and match with other related visuals personal to your flower business. It lets your followers know you as a persona behind the store, and an increased level of connection with your brand and audience.

You can post some behind-the-scene shots of your staff, how they arrange flowers, floral designs, and some fun moments in your shop. These visuals should be impromptu to let your followers get a glimpse of your business operations in and around your floral store.

Think of A Contest

As far as contests are concerned, the mean direct marketing with some twist. It appeals to a large audience base if you know how to organize contests and give away prizes using Instagram as a platform to host such events.

You can create a post on Instagram asking your fans to share a photo of their favorite flower or something like flowers with their adorable pet, and things like that. The person posting the best image will get a prize,be declared a winner on Instagram, and be appreciated. Therefore, the opportunities are many when you share content related to contests and prizes on Instagram. Your goal is to ensure more people participating in such contests.

You can buy some promotional products like a small flower vase, key chains, and similar items to give away as gifts. You will get these at affordable prices at thrift stores. Once you have the gift items purchased, print your flower shop logo on vases, key chains, coffee mugs, etc.

You can ask the winner to collect the gift from your flower shop, take a selfie with the gift, and post it on Instagram. These activities help in building follower engagement and reaching out to new customers.


Florists can implement these tips to promote their business on Instagram. The key to success is high-quality images, relevant hashtags, engagement, and behind-the-scene shots.

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