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Best Water Purifiers For Home In India

We, as human beings, require the necessary food and liquids to remain alive. Our body is made up of 60 percent of water, and this means we can’t survive without water. Everyone needs to take good care of themselves by eating and drinking the right things. Clean drinking water is vital for everybody, and we should avoid dirty water as much as possible. If you do not get clean drinking water; thus, it can lead to numerous health issues and cause diseases.

We get water from natural sources like rivers and lakes etc. But this water gets contaminated with the human, plant, animal, and industrial waste. Mostly, the water supply is through municipal water lines or is supplied in tankers by local bodies. This water is pre-processed through the Municipalities put in chlorine or fluorine to the groundwater to make the water free from viruses and bacteria. Regardless of these efforts, our tap water carries dangerous chemicals. Therefore we can’t go on drinking every water we see. That is the main reason you should think about buying the best water purifier, which can help you with cleaning the water and ensure the most significant safety.

Moving ahead we summarise that not all water can be drinkable. That is why manufacturing agencies shaped a machine called a Water purifier. And installing the best water purifiers for home in India should be the prime concern.

Things You Need To Know About A Water Purifier

A water purifier is a built technology that is created to filter out the excess salts, hidden and suspended particles, and microbes found inside the water and retain its essential vitamins and minerals. Water purification is a procedure of eliminating chemicals, water gases, suspended solids, biological contaminants away from water. Traditionally the old way to do it is by boiling and filtering the water, this was done globally and still practiced up till today.

But nowadays people tend to use water purifiers because this water purification machine gives the best results are very affordable, less time consuming and suitable for public places like offices and schools. With so many manufacturers in the water purification industry these days, it is quite hard to know which is the best water purifier for homes in India. Therefore we shall be acquiring knowledge about them and get to know their features and functionality. And we have to keep certain factors in our mind to choose the best water purifier.

Parameters You Must Keep In Mind While Choosing Your Water Purifier

There are various factors you must keep in mind while choosing the best water purifier for your home, but some of the major ones are mentioned below:

  1. Water Quality

This is the first thing you should keep in mind to evaluate the quality of water that you get at your home and then decide what kind of water purifier is best for you according to your requirement.

If the water supplied to your home is high in TDS, hardness, and salinity, then RO is the finest choice for your home. Generally, the physical aspects of water will indicate if there are any sediments in the water. If the water leaves behind white marks when kept in a steel utensil, this shows there is hardness in water hence RO is the best choice because it has a semi-permeable membrane that has a pore size of .ooo5 microns. Such tiny pores can remove the smallest of dissolved salt, metals, and impurities.

For areas where water supplied to home is soft and has TDS under the permissible limit, carbon activated filters and UV purifiers can work well. Once you get to know about the quality of water that is provided to your home, choosing the water purifier will be an easy task.

  1. Daily usage

The other point to be considered while buying is for how many people do you plan to use the water purifier. Scan the average daily consumption of water for your family.

Decide if you need purified water only for drinking motive or for the complete household. If your daily consumption is high, you would need high power and higher output rate model, which can successfully filter a large supply of water. Otherwise, if the consumption is low, you can quickly go for a smaller water purifier.

And you should always keep in mind the number of users before buying this product. If your family is significant, then less quantity of water purifiers will be useless.

  1. Budget

The other important thing is to decide how much you are hoping to invest in purchasing a water purifier. Once you know your financial plan, you can seek for the commodity that is a perfect match with your bill.

The water purifier is a long time investment, and it is always suggested to go for a high-quality brand. You can get the best deal between 12K to 16K. Anyways it also depends on the brand of the water purifier. Decide your budget and look accordingly.

  1. Electricity

Even though RO and UV filtration are advanced water purification technologies, a significant concern is that they require electricity to operate. Therefore it means that they cannot be of any use if the power supply to your home is irregular. So if you have frequent electric outages in your area, then you should go for activated carbon purifiers with sufficient water storage.

  1. Maintenance

Another thing to be kept in mind is you should evaluate its maintenance cost and make sure that it fits your budget. It is essential to understand that fundamentally a water purifier, whether UV or RO, requires regular servicing and replacement of critical components at an interval of 3-4 months.

Service and maintenance requirements may differ depending on the water quality, which means the poorer the water quality, the more frequent the service required. To inspect the service availability in your area and the conditions of the service provider, before you buy a water purifier for home use.

Now that you have gathered some detailed information on water purifiers ensure that you keep in mind the above points while buying a water purifier for your home. Although the technology remains the same irrespective of the brand so opt for a brand that provides more features and gives a more generous warranty and all of this at a reasonable cost. We hope that you will be able to decide on getting yourself the best water purifier based on your needs.

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