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Boost Your Instagram Feed with These Top 5 Travel Photography Tips

If you have an Instagram account on a traveling niche then it’s mandatory to click and post awesome pictures to attract more audience to your page. Photography is the main source to grow a travel Instagram feed hence clicking gorgeous pictures of different places is necessary and can help to gain more attention from people. Do you know that according to, Instagram has become a popular way for people to document their lives?

Well, it is not necessary to own a DSLR or have tremendous knowledge about Photoshop to deliver the best photos on Instagram; even a few effective travel photography tips can do the job for you. So, without further ado, let’s come to the main points with which you’re going to build an empire on Instagram with your travel photography.

Use Gridlines and Follow the Rule of Thirds

Well nowadays, most people have smartphones and the camera quality of the phones have already increased a lot. So, if you have a decent smartphone, you can click not too amazing but at least good photos. Now, every camera has a feature to turn on gridlines that puts nine square boxes on the camera and that feature is mainly used by great photographers. Most of us think that it is useless but actually it has the capability to click gorgeous images. For clicking some interesting photos, you’ve to focus the center in one-third of the square box and that really can give life to your photos.

Keep the Camera Nearer

Do you want to click clear and fantastic images and want to avoid blurred and shaken photos? Make sure that you hold your camera nearer to the object every time. Many people often forget to keep the camera nearer to the object while deciding the posture of the camera; many of them keep the camera as far as possible in the hope of clicking a clearer picture, but that trick can’t help much at all.

Instead, you should always hold your camera nearer and make a grip while capturing photos that will add more clarity to the picture. And especially travelers have to take photos of moving objects so that trick will definitely help them to click clear pictures every time.

Always Concentrate on the Focus of the Camera

Travel photographers can click pictures every second but they don’t think much about the focus of the camera. Technologies are not smarter and faster than the human imagination for clicking a proper image. Therefore, you need to plan your picture before taking a shot. Choosing the right angle and scene is the most crucial thing to think about, after a little practice you just need a few seconds for that. So, always get prepared to click quality pictures and try to improve your stability in order to click amazing photos during your visits.

If you want to click pictures of single objects like trees or birds then you’ve to put the focus on that so that your camera can click bold and sturdier photos that bring many likes on that Instagram feed. Well, if you wish to get more likes, you can buy 20 Instagram likes.

Do Some Researches While Travelling

Doing complete research before you decide to go anywhere is also a good thing because it provides a sense of place in advance. Although, making a very detailed plan will reduce the excitement and suspense of the journey!

If you want to share some unique content with your audience on Instagram, you can visit some unknown places that will double the enjoyment. You can make use of Instagram geolocation tags to find such amazing locations for photography in your nearby area or you can also simply Google for that.

Always carry a tripod

A tripod is specially designed to click stable pictures, as a traveler you always need to carry a tripod. A tripod will provide you more suitability to click awesome pictures. Apart from that tripods can be used to create unshakable videos of a place. It also helps you use long exposure without any shake or disturbance.

Instagram is famous for quality photos and videos and people only like to get qualities instead of quantities. Therefore, a tripod actually improves that quality by removing such disturbances and also helps to take different shots that cannot be actually taken by a normal camera or phone by using your hands, hence carrying a best tripod for car is necessary for travel photography for Instagram.


When you are a travel blogger, providing quality and informative content to your audience is necessary. Therefore, if you apply all of the recommended tips, you will be able to click amazing photos and videos for your Instagram handle. It always takes time to master a skill so keep practicing these five tips and shortly you’ll be able to click gorgeous images in seconds that will attract a lot more followers and likes on Instagram.

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