Boosting Your Business: 8 Steps to Find Best Developers

There is no ultimate recipe for building a successful business, but there are common rules that many established companies follow. It is not only about mindset and having a clear business plan, but also about incorporating innovation and technology into everyday processes.

Today, different software solutions can increase a company’s performance and boost efficiency. And it is valid not only for the enterprises that have technology as its core product. For example, Microsoft Dynamics developers can implement and customize excellent ERP and CRM solutions that increase customer experience and make business processes more efficient in many ways. This is a perfect opportunity to run a company smarter. Now, let’s talk about certain rules of a successful business.

What Makes a Company Successful?

It is worth mentioning that these are general points, not based on a specific industry. Overall, great companies have a similar approach to many things, such as:

  • Focus on customer satisfaction. Whether it is an eCommerce website, a B2B company, industrial production, or real estate agency – the main goal is to sell a product and to make clients happy. Customers should be in the center of any business model, as it is obvious that if the clients are not satisfied, they will not return. To know more about their audience and their needs and values, the company can choose business analytics implementation and the use of particular software.
  • Investment in marketing. Nowadays, the major focus lies on digital marketing and online presence. Just imagine that you want to visit a store, chances are you are going to Google them first. That’s why any business needs an online presence, like social media and a personal website, a blog, an app, etc. This also opens great marketing opportunities.
  • Flexibility and scalability. This is what many small businesses and startups struggle with at the beginning. To grow a business, it should be scalable, meaning you can produce more, release faster, and hire more employees to answer the growing demand. Flexibility means that no business plan is written in stone, the opportunities and circumstances change, so it is better to be ready to adjust or even be on top of the innovation, shares Steven Fata,  an entrepreneur for over thirty years with a vast and varied portfolio of businesses and investments.
  • Implementation of innovative technologies. It is all about cool development and hiring the best programmers to boost your company. As a bottom line, technologies like Microsoft Dynamics help to solve almost any company’s issues and be effective in the three previous points.

Whether you are interested in Microsoft Dynamics development, creating a custom app, website, or building an IoT device – you need to find the best specialists for the project.

How to Find the Best Developers for Your Company?

There are many reasons to hire excellent Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultants, such as optimizing internal business processes, releasing a new product, building an online platform, or developing a new device. And the process of recruiting might seem quite complicated, but it should not be.

Here are several steps that make sure you’ll find a perfect Microsoft Dynamics developer or JavaScript programmer.

  1. Start with what you are looking for.

    What is the project you are willing to tackle? What technologies of programming languages are used for it commonly? Would you like to release it on the cloud or on premise? What developers are you looking for in terms of years of experience and level of skill? Answer all these questions; create a draft outline of what the project would look like, main processes, and the desired result. Consult with your CTO or outside experts on it. Make sure you know exactly what you are looking for.

  2. Consider whether you want an in-house team or offshore developers.

    There are pros and cons to both options, but mostly if the technology is not the core of the business and it is rather a project, it might be more sufficient to outsource. First of all, it is much cheaper because of the different salary rates worldwide. Secondly, it allows you to work with amazing providers and excellent professionals that are otherwise hard to find. And you’ll get an already established team without any recruiting hustle.

  3. Draft a budget you are willing to invest in the project.

    Acknowledge that it is only a rough estimation as the real project costs might change depending on the scope and the provider you choose.

  4. Create a list of possible providers.

    Ask for recommendations, look online, and partner with the company that shares your values and have a high level of expertise in this technology. Make sure to look up their previous projects and portfolio.

  5. Check the technical skills and expertise of the team you are considering.

    For example, if you want to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM, make sure that the team has already tackled similar projects. Check what skills and technologies are needed for successful CRM development and whether the programmers are suitable.

  6. Ask for a consultation or proposal from the service provider.

    They are professionals in this field, and they can consult you on the best practices and the most efficient ways to implement particular technology. Make sure that the proposal includes your business requirements and goals, as well as a plan on deployment, testing, and support. Look at the crucial metrics they provide and how they choose to address your project. You can also ask for a sample of work or a test to see how good the provider is.

  7. Decide on the technology stack of the project.

    It means choosing what technologies are going to be used, like programming languages, security solutions, hosting, etc. Also, discuss the methodology of work with your future partner. Do they use Agile or other methodologies? Make sure that it goes with your company’s management model.

  8. Sign a contract and see your project come to life.

In Summary

Technology can power up and boost any business as it helps to solve many crucial issues. The implementation of business analytics solutions or the most innovative software will boost both internal processes and customer satisfaction. And in the modern days, it is a must to be on the top of the game in any industry.

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