Bridgerton Season 2

Bridgerton Season 2: Filming Is Underway

We are sure that you are one of the many around the world that has fallen in love with the TV series Bridgerton. Bridgerton’s first season had us swooning massively over the multiple men and women who were so fashionably put together. Yes, we do mean Daphne and the Duke. While we immediately began missing them as soon as the season ended and went off our screens, we bring you good tidings that Lady Whistledown is back once again.

While we all love seeing the men suited and booted, riding away on horses into the sunset, until season 2 actually gets released by Netflix featuring the Ascot Racecourses, you will need to make use of the Virtual Racing betting events that take place online instead. We still get to see dashing handsome gentlemen gallop away but alas, does that hit the spot for us being that they are not the Duke? Food for thought.

While we did mention how Netflix is fast running out of things for us to watch, knowing now, after an official press release that not only will we have a season 2, but a third and fourth, definitely boosts our excitement and schedules for the months to come upon their release. It was sadly confirmed that the Duke (played by Rege-Jean Page) will be departing the Bridgerton family, after it was made known that he will not be having the main leading role again, within the next seasons to come. In fact, the next season focuses on the coming out of the younger Bridgerton siblings, and their stories evolving around traditions of marriage and the selection of a suitable spouse. While the other siblings will be having more of an intimate on screen appearance, it is believed that the Duchess Daphne will return (played by Phoebe Dynevor) and help her siblings navigate the social season which is on their very doorstep.

The official press release does leave us with many, many questions. It is believed that Anthony and Kate (a new love interest entering the show), will be sweeping us off our feet with them, in their moment. But of course, knowing our attachment to the entire cast and Anthony included, we ask who is this Kate? Will this love story be more successful than the last for Anthony? Suppose time will tell on that front, won’t it? It is believed however, from reference within the novels, this Kate will make Anthony besotted entirely, and that they will wed. So, we can definitely expect that Lady Whistledown will have plenty to say on the topic, as she always has had before when it comes to the Bridgertons.

It is suggested upon the formal introduction of Simone Ashley (who plays Kate) by Netflix, that Kate will be the sex appeal and romance that was given by the Duke back in season 1. Although we heartbreakingly will not accept the replacement, we have not got much say on the matter anymore, do we? Kate will undoubtedly give us the drama, action and romance that we were stalled on when season 1 was over. Disappointingly, we will need to wait until some point in 2022 for the next drop of episodes. So, now we wait… 

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