BTC to Euro Converter: Are Bitcoins Safe?

Most traders convert crypto for dollar and euro through exchangers and exchanges via debit or credit Mastercard and Visa anonymously. These options are popular, but there are pitfalls. You can, for example, lose money on a hidden fee or become a victim of scammers.

To avoid this, the best option is to use euro to BTC est easy online converter place without high fees. Quick registration and the easiest ID verification will make you buy euro to BTC instantly with the lowest commission.

The majority of users need to get instant cash from cryptocurrency or use fast euro to BTC converter. But at this stage, you can make a lot of mistakes that will lead to partial or even complete loss of money. For example, you can lose part of your capital on hidden commissions or become a victim of scammers. We tell you about the most popular way to withdraw digital assets or convert euro to BTC and the possible risks.

How to Do It?

  • Prepaid USD card or account to which the money will be received;
  • Specify the withdrawal amount;
  • Provide personal information. In most cases, email is sufficient, but sometimes the full name is also asked;
  • Confirm withdrawal or purchase request.

Then the service will offer a wallet to which you need to transfer the cryptocurrency. It is very important to send exactly the amount indicated in the application. Here you can be mistaken if you do not take into account the commission charged by the exchange for withdrawing funds. In case of an error, the service does not recognize the transaction, and it “hangs” indefinitely. This problem can be solved only by contacting technical support.

It is even more important not to be mistaken with the wallet number. If you transfer funds to a different wallet, which was indicated by the exchanger, the coins will be irretrievably lost, since operations in the blockchain cannot be canceled.

After you send funds to the wallet specified by the exchanger, it is often required to click the “I paid” button on the service website. If this is not done, the transaction will also hang. Only technical support can help in this case.

There are many exchanges, and everyone takes their commission for their services. Usually, its size is 2-5%. The commission is included in the rate at which the cryptocurrency will be sold. You can find the most profitable option using special aggregators or monitoring. They allow you to sort exchangers by offers, reviews, and other parameters.

It is not secure to use exchangers. There is a risk of using the services of scammers. Therefore, before starting to work with the service, it is important to check its reputation on the Internet. It is also safer to withdraw small amounts through unfamiliar exchangers.

In addition, when withdrawing cryptocurrencies, it is recommended to use antivirus software that protects your computer from the malware that can spoof wallet addresses on the exchanger’s website. Also, when choosing a service, it is advised to take into account its reputation, age, and duration of work, the number of public disputes, the presence of English-speaking support, and noted that on unfamiliar and small exchangers you can encounter hidden fees.

There are several exchanges that now allow cryptocurrencies to cash out. You can retrieve funds from them directly to a bank card or to a largely foreign third-party payment system. The commission can be 2-5% depending on the trading platform and the method of money is received.

You can cash out crypto-monetary funds through the exchange:

  • Choose the right pay feature;
  • Indicate the coin sold and the process of withdrawal;
  • Enter the number and the account you earned the funds;
  • Confirm your service, also by email.

The use of big, well-known cash exchanges such as is safer than exchangers. This eliminates the likelihood of a fraudulent service being stumbled.

It is incredibly important to know how your funds are distributed when you cash out cryptocurrencies through exchanges. In case of illegal activity previously involved, the site can block the coins on arrival in the wallet. It’s hard to check the properties, but with the blockchain explorer, it’s possible to do this on its basis. The integrated ETHProtect feature tests the money on your wallet if you find it.

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