Build muscle and lose fat

Muscle building and losing fat seems to be two extremities on a number line that can never meet. Building muscle needs to add mass, losing fat needs to lose the added mass through muscle building. This process seems to be futile. But, the luckiest part is that it is not any math to keep it unsolved. Research has shown that it is possible for sure to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously. But, it can only be made possible through powerful will-power, determination, diligence and most important of all, patience. It can be achieved by dabster strategies, diet and workout plans. Read on to find out some tips that can be easily inculcated in your workout plans. Follow these tips and you will definitely see a change in your biceps at the same time, losing body fat and looking slimmer.

1)Up your protein consumption

If your goal is to muscle build and lose fat, consumption in the protein rate should increase. At this point, the body requires more protein than the usual amount. Proteins are made up of amino acids and when consumed are broken into the same inside the body. Since muscles are made of proteins and they are not produced by the body, the external intake helps in the synthesis of protein. It helps in repairing the damaged muscles and aids in improving their recovery rate.

Muscle Fibre India produces high-quality protein supplements like whey protein. It contains all the 8 required amino acids and boosts the metabolic rates in the body. It reduces muscle fatigue keeping them strong during both before and after a workout.

2)Set fire to fats, not calories

Eating calories contained food leads to the storage of fat in the liver which will later be used by the body and acts as an energy source. Therefore it becomes your top-priority to cut the extra calorie intake and work hard to burn the stored fat acquired in the past. During the workout, these stored fats are pulled out for extra energy source when you go on a calorie-deficit diet.

3)Build muscle during slumber!

An ideal workout plan consists of at least two days of rest and a good night of 8 hours of sleep. Muscles are proven to grow healthy during the night. If you are into resistance training and other high-intensity exercises, then you must add a sleep for more than 6 hours in your schedule. When you are resting or sleeping, your body does not sleep. But, it gets more time to cure the incurred damage and prepare you for your next session and this boosts your performance as well. If you are working on your upper body this Monday, then station your next upper body training next Monday. This way you can add rest to your body.

4)The miracle of strength training

Strength training your body makes your goal of building muscle while losing fat easier. Basically, during weight-lifting, muscle tissues tear out. The damaged muscles are repaired by the other cells around it, in turn helping it grow stronger.

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