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Everything needs some kind of power or energy to work or exist, which includes the stars in the sky to our mobile phones. Our human bodies too work on different types of energies, and our bodies’ primary source of energy is the food that we eat.

The food we eat provides our bodies with the fuel to run the various body functions so that we keep on living. But if we eat the right kind of food items, we can not only nourish it but also boost the immune system as well as increase our longevity in years.

Recent studies show that on average, men have shorter life spans than women, and so they should take careful consideration in preserving their health as the statistics are definitely not in their favour.

The food items that have shown proven results in improving men’s health:


Apples are among the most popular fruits consumed across the whole world and until a few years ago, they enjoyed the same popularity that avocados do today.

Apples are good for healthy bones as well as healthy lungs. They also prevent certain mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s diseases and mental fog. As far as men are considered, the ursolic acid present in the apple peels can help in the prevention of prostate cancer and they are able to deprive the cancerous cells of getting any nutrition from the food that you eat.

Prevention of prostate cancer, in turn, helps in the prevention of erectile dysfunction that is caused as a side-effect of prostate cancer or an after effect of prostate cancer treatment. It is true that there are many treatments for erectile dysfunction, Fildena100, but if you can eat tasty fruits to prevent it from occurring, then why not give it a try?

Blue Berries:

Blue Berries help in creating an aesthetic Instagram picture, but they also come packed with various health benefits for men.

They are rich in antioxidants which increase the lifespan of your cells and thus can help from premature signs of aging appearing on your body and your face such as wrinkles.

They are also rich in Vitamin K which is great for your bone health which tends to deteriorate as you age, and they are also said to prevent conditions related to penile erections, some of which are treated by medications.

Dark Chocolates

Did you know that eating chocolates produced not one, but about eight feel-good and stimulating chemicals?

Yes, when you eat chocolate, your body gets a dose of caffeine, Phenethylamine (PEA), Theobromine, Anandamide, Serotonin, Endorphins, Dopamine, and Oxytocin.

These can make you feel energetic and even boost your brainpower but is not recommended to eat dark chocolate in large amounts.

Many studies also show the benefits of eating a small amount of dark chocolate for the promotion of blood circulation which is good for the heart of your heart. As more men suffer from heart diseases and die due to heart attacks, it makes sense to include food items in your diet which boost your heart health.

Green Leafy Vegetables:

Green leafy vegetables are not on anybody’s top favourite list but they are great for health and so they make excellent additions to your diet.

You will find that the leafy vegetables have many trace minerals in them which you may not find in other vegetables and grains. These trace nutrients are not needed in large amounts but they are vital for the healthy functioning of your whole body.

Green leafy vegetables prove to be essential for men’s health as they are rich in nitrates, which our bodies are able to convert to nitric oxide for use.

Nitric oxide is responsible for the widening of the blood vessels which promotes a healthy and smooth flow of blood across the whole body. These produce effects that are similar to the working mechanism of the medication which are used for the treatment of the sexual dysfunction called erectile dysfunction. The nitric oxide thus converted which is obtained from the nitrates in the leafy greens can give you a healthier heart, clearer skin, and even promote weight loss over time.

These are a few food items that you can add to your diet plan next time you are making a meal plan for making your body healthier and more fit by eating the right kind of food.

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