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Can a Traditional Indian Game Hit the Big Time?

Almost every Indian will know the game Teen Patti, and of those, many will have enjoyed playing the game with friends and family, either at big occasions or when they get together at any time. The game is one that goes back through generations, with older relatives teaching the younger ones how to play, so they can continue the success of the game locally.

However, the game is not a local one anymore, there is a new option. Indian players now have the chance to play Teen Patti online, with a wide range of casinos on offering Teen Patti games.

The vast majority of casinos who offer the game are those who are actively targeting the Indian market. These companies are bidding to attract new players from India by offering them something they love. In terms of the game though, that could eventually change, with Teen Patti being offered around the world, and taken to a new audience.

Given the popularity of the game, the ease of learning how to play and the fact that card games are popular in general, could Teen Patti hit the big time?

The Simple Version of Poker

One of the big reasons why Teen Patti could hit the big time is because of the similarities it has with poker. Many people who have played both games describe Teen Patti as being a simplified version of poker, which is understandable given the hands that you need to win both games.

When some people think about poker they think of it as being a game that is too complex or difficult to learn. If they hear about a game that is a simplified version of it, they are likely to be interested straight away.

Secondly, those who have already played poker in the past, but want something different to try, may look towards Teen Patti. They will already have a large amount of the knowledge needed to play Teen Patti thanks to their poker gaming, but because Teen Patti is a little simpler, they don’t need to go in depth.

The Size of the Poker Market

One of the big appeals to taking Teen Patti around the globe for those who have developed the online game is because of the size of the poker market. If you look right at the top of that market, even online, there are some big money events that attract huge interest. The WSOP online circuit has a busy schedule, allowing players to get involved in huge money online poker tournaments.

If something like this was ever created for Teen Patti, it would be a sign that the game has really moved around the world and hit the jackpot. The game works well online and has given Indian players a chance to play even more, with added convenience. The next step for the game has to be to go worldwide, and that may be when it hits the big time.

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