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Can People Take A Testosterone Booster To Regain Vitality? Find Out Here

When studying why so many of us have been feeling incredibly crummy these last few decades (which is especially confusing as we have the lowest levels of poverty of all time), many researchers are turning to hormones. It turns out that the things that we have been surrounding ourselves with: plastics, cleaning products, hygiene products, pollution, scented products, polyester clothing, pesticides, genetically modified foods, and countless other things have been altering our hormones on a profound and frightening level.

Our hormones are responsible for our moods, appetites, weight, sleep quality and length, energy levels, libido, relationship quality, confidence, generosity, concentration, fertility, creativity, and so much more. And each of these things impacts several other parts of our lives meaning our hormones can be the reason we excel at our jobs or the reason we save money or the reason we choose a healthy snack over a sugary one. Our habits and lifestyles are intrinsically linked with our hormonal balance and most of us aren’t even aware of how aggressively we are combating a natural, balanced endocrine system.

All of this information can be terrifying when you first begin to explore it, and the deeper you dive, the more horrific things get—almost every aspect of our existence is tied to endocrine-disrupting substances, and friends and family start to look at you real weird when you say you won’t drink from that plastic water bottle because of all the microplastics.

The following will explore a few things that you can do to help combat this onslaught of hormone disruptors and regain vitality. Of course, if you suspect for any reason that your hormonal situation is abnormal outside of the standard lifestyle problems associated with endocrine disruption, it is a good idea to reach out to a healthcare professional. This could take the form of your doctor or a naturopath. If you have been tested and told your hormones are fine but you feel like they aren’t, ask for a second opinion. People’s endocrine systems are so messed up right now that having “average” levels does not mean that you have “healthy” levels.

With Hormones Balance Is Key

You might read the above information and decide you want as much testosterone as possible. This isn’t the case. All hormones are, again, part of larger systems in the body. The goal is to have balanced levels of testosterone which means not too much and not too little. You need the right amount of testosterone for all the other hormones in your body. Think of goldilocks. Some people might need a small tweak like using less fragranced products to get their testosterone levels right; others might be looking for the strongest test booster available. Too much testosterone results in low sperm count, heart muscle damage, prostate enlargement (meaning difficulty urinating), liver disease, acne, fluid retention resulting in the swelling of legs and feet, increased appetite, and, therefore, weight gain, headaches, and other symptoms. Too little testosterone results in a loss of muscle mass, low libido, impotence, reduced sperm count, hot flashes, irritability, depression, and poor concentration.

Testosterone Levels

While the above list of endocrine disruptors has an impact on all of your hormones (cortisol, the three types of estrogen, and progesterone, among others), today, the focus will be on testosterone. This is a particularly big issue at the moment as studies are continually proving that testosterone levels in men are declining at a rapid rate; the consensus seems to be that there are a lot of contributing factors like obesity and the prevalence of endocrine-disrupting toxins, but the speed at which levels are declining indicates that this is not an evolutionary or genetic development; it is likely an environmental problem. This means that the things people are surrounding themselves with are contributing to the problem.

Why Is Testosterone So Important?

Whenever you’re discussing a part of the human body, you need to understand that it is part of a larger system, and so, almost certainly, there are benefits that are not currently known to have the part functioning optimally as well as purposes and elements of it not yet discovered. This being said, testosterone has been shown to impact mood, weight, anxiety, feelings of competence and capability, sexual desire and sex life, aggression, and generosity (yes, high levels of testosterone increase measurable generosity; this is believed to be because people with good levels of testosterone feel highly capable and so aren’t worried about giving away all of their resources as they have complete confidence they will be able to gain more). Many people would combine all of these benefits of having good testosterone levels into one concept: vitality.

How To Get More Testosterone

If you believe you might be low in testosterone, it’s a good idea to get your levels tested just to be sure (you can order these tests online and do them at home). If you find you lack testosterone, foremost, remove endocrine-disrupting toxins from your life. The process can be daunting at first but start with not letting plastic touch any of your food. Even the slightest temperature shifts can result in flakes of plastic coming off into what you’re eating and damaging your health. If you need any more convincing, just remember that the average person swallows a credit card’s worth of plastic per week. If you can’t bring yourself to get rid of all your plastic utensils, at the very least stop microwaving things in plastic containers. This is horrific for your testosterone levels.

Second, you can speak to a healthcare professional about getting a prescription for something that can help (typically, doctors give anabolic steroids in this case). If you do not qualify for a prescription, a legal alternative to anabolic steroids does exist. Of course, when self-medicating, you need to do your due diligence and really listen to your body’s response. If, for instance, you start breaking out in acne, this is an indication that you’ve given yourself a little too much. If you notice hair loss, you might be taking too little.

The above information should have explored the basic information you need to know if you’re considering the possibility your testosterone levels aren’t ideal. Again, when it comes to hormones, it’s all about balance. Sometimes people think testosterone is the problem, but excess xenoestrogens are actually to blame. Make changes slowly, and always listen to your body’s response.

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