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MBBS Abroad

What To Do After Completing Your MBBS Abroad?

Most of the students studying MBBS join the course with an expectation to fulfil their dream and become a doctor. However, the course, which involves rigorous practices and routines, most of the time, students are guided through their self-discovery. It is a given phenomenon that many students find themselves at the crossroads after graduating. In the case of MBBS students, though they have earned the suffix of Dr. before them, they find themselves utterly clueless towards the next step.

For the graduates of MBBS abroad who desire to come back to India, they are required to qualify for the Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE) which would be replaced by NExT from 2023 onwards, in order to practice in India. Many universities abroad provide FMGE/NExT Coaching as part of the curriculum such as in the case of MBBS in Russia.

However, this conventional sought after option is not the only choice for fresh graduates. Though studying MBBS demands a goal-oriented approach, what is required for the students at this time is to keep a fish-view while making MBBS related career choices. This approach helps in keeping up with the needs of times that are often overlooked.

A constructive and open environment provided during medical education abroad widen-up the opportunities for the young graduates of MBBS abroad. One of the many benefits of studying MBBS abroad is the exposure in the terms of choices, research, trends etc it provides.

Today, as the medical landscape grows quickly and dog-eat-dog becomes the rule, more and more doctors are seeking more demanding career options besides their medical excellence. As the quest for medical excellence has become more challenging, many potential medical students have opened themselves up to different professions.

Here are some of the popular and demanding choices in the present-day healthcare industry.

Pursuing further education and attaining specialisation can certainly give you an edge over the graduates and certainly is worthy of the dedication with the scope and opportunities it offers. 

  • Health Informatics & Analytics

In the field of applied health care, health informatics and analytics are emerging disciplines. Information about patients is the main focus of this profession.

  • Hospital Administration and Management

This field of medicine after MBBS abroad is among the most productive options. The field offers long term benefits to all its pursuers alike.

  • Education

An MBBS degree can prepare you well for career options in medical teaching. This career option allows you to stay on top of all the daily industry updates in addition to plenty of other things.

  • Medical-legal advisors

The legal angle this profession takes in medical cases makes it quite a demanding field of study for experts. The field is thus among the best-paid alternative careers. Court trials, workshops, lectures, and writing articles are all necessary for this field.

  • Insurance Advisors

Insurance claim specialists are responsible for using electronic health records to determine medical procedure requirements and to examine insurance claims. 

  • Public Healthcare

In the current era, the public healthcare industry is the leading career path. Not only does this field provide solid foundations, but it also has the potential to provide a stable and noble career.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

Medical doctors may find it an excellent career choice to work for the pharmaceutical industry, which is an important part of our healthcare system. These two factors have attracted young doctors to this field of study.

Best Courses after MBBS Abroad

Now, in case you are wondering about what would be the best courses you can opt for after the successful completion of MBBS abroad. Here are some of the trending courses popular and in-demand among employers and students that can certainly offer you a lot of scopes and opportunities.

  • M.Tech in Biomedical Engineering and Biological Sciences
  • Masters in Hospital Administration
  • MS in Microbiology or Clinical Pathology
  • Diploma in Health Education/ Occupational Health/ Obstetrics & Gynaecology/ Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation/ Sports Medicine/ Pathology/ Pediatrics/ Immunohematology/ Nuclear medicine/ Psychiatry/ Radiotherapy
  • MBA in Healthcare Management
  • Masters in Hospital Administration/ Public Health/ Biostatistics/ Epidemiology
  • Masters in Medical Sciences and Technology or Masters in Translational Medicine or Molecular Medicine. 

Specialization after MBBS Abroad: 

If you have decided upon pursuing specialization and wondering which options are in demand, here are the top fields favoured by the field experts.

  • Translational Medicine/ Regenerative Medicine/ Nanomedicine/ Telemedicine
  • Molecular Imaging/ Image Analysis/ Medical Imaging
  • Medical Statistics/ Clinical Biomarkers
  • Stem Cells/ Biosensors/ Cancer Biology
  • Biomedical Instrumentation/ Biomedical Simulation/ Biomaterials and Implants
  • Immuno-technology/ Recombinant DNA Technology/ Early Detection of Cancer


There is an old saying that the path you choose defines the destination you would reach, therefore the way of success is more important than the success itself. As stated earlier, keeping the fish view gives you a lot of options. However, in a conventional setup, the students might not be able to discover them. Studying MBBS abroad benefits the students by providing them exposure to the latest medical practices, preferences and research, thereby creating and opening windows for more opportunities to the students.

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