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What You Must Know About Getting Dentures?


There comes a time when we lose out on our natural teeth. While the causes may vary- from aging to illness, you need to look for alternative solutions to your teeth. In such a situation, the best option for you is to go for dentures. These are specially designed prosthetic …

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Benefits of a Carnivore Diet for Weight Loss

Carnivore Diet for Weight Loss

If you’re a meat lover, then the carnivore diet probably sounds like paradise to you. The all-meat diet focuses on protein intake with zero carbs. It is a rigid diet with quite a massive following across the globe. When you think of an all meat, fish, and eggs diet, you …

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Understanding the Humerus Fractures

Humerus Fractures

The humerus is one of the long bones present in our body and is located in the upper arm. This bone meets the radius & ulna (bones in the lower arm) and extends from the shoulder. During trauma, this bone (humerus) can break from anywhere resulting in a humerus fracture. …

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Vasectomy Reversal Recovery: Important Tips to Know

a vasectomy reversal

According to studies, a vasectomy is estimated to be more than 99% effective. Although that’s the goal, many men find themselves changing their minds after their procedure. Thankfully, vasectomy reversal is an option for men who want more children. It’s an outpatient procedure, but vasectomy reversal recovery is vital to …

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Kickstart Your Fitness Routine With Cannabidiol – Why You Should Add Some CBD To Your Gym Bag

Fitness Routine

CBD is currently one of the most popular substances across the US, ever since hemp became legal in most states. Everyone already knew that many athletes use cannabis products to boost their performance and improve recovery time. Mike Tyson, Michael Phelps, and many professional NBA players use CBD on a …

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What You Need to Know About Supracondylar Fractures

Supracondylar Fractures

Supracondylar fractures occur just above the elbow on the humerus. Such types of fractures are known to be common in children thus, are also considered as common pediatric elbow injuries. The age at which supracondylar fractures occur the most is between 5 and 7 years, while the occurrence of these …

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Phalangeal Fracture – Diagnosis and Treatment

Phalangeal Fracture

Traumatic injuries are most commonly accompanied by fractures and you never know where the fracture can occur. Fractures can occur due to both high-energy and low-energy traumas, and that will decide how serious the injury will be. Sometimes, fractures occur in the finger(s) of our hand and those are known …

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How to Protect Your Mental Health After Getting Seriously Injured

Protect Your Mental Health

Physical injuries are part and parcel of the lives of sportspeople and athletes, and even moderately active people. Severe injuries can take you a significant time to recover fully. Such recovery periods may extend to weeks and maybe even to months. At times, though relatively rare, surgical intervention may be …

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Dental Implants in Mumbai

Dental Implants in Mumbai

Dental Implants are the replacement of the missing teeth. Implants are the surgical fixtures which are placed in the jawbone and allowed to fuse into the closest jawbone to mimic the natural tooth and implant stands on its own without affecting the nearby teeth. Dental implants in Mumbai is done by …

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Limb Shortening Surgery – Correcting Limb Length Discrepancies

Limb Shortening Surgery

In many cases, it is seen that children are born with legs having different lengths. While on the other hand, differences in the legs can also occur due to certain conditions like injury or illness. For example, Polio can result in uneven growth of the limbs leading to limb length …

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