Debunking the Most Common and Best Disability Insurance Myths

Disability Insurance Myths

Have you been on the fence about getting disability insurance? If you’re not sure what it is, it’s a type of insurance that offers benefits to those who can’t work due to a disability from an injury or illness. However, studies show that only 1/3 of Americans have disability insurance. …

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Illinois Parental Kidnapping Laws Explained

Kidnapping Laws

Children go missing all the time, but not in the way that people may think. Despite how much we teach our children to stay away from strangers, most children are abducted by a parent or another family member. Parental kidnappings can be difficult because both parents often have rights, which …

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What Should an Injured Passenger in Houston Do After a Car Accident?

Car Accident

Houston is among the most developed metropolitan areas in Texas. The city roads are often congested and may lead to frustrated drivers and accidents. Houston drivers spent about 75 hours in traffic congestion in 2017. It can be scary and confusing to be a passenger in a car accident. You …

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Can You Get A Mortgage On A Park Home?

Is it possible to acquire a mortgage on a park home? Can you get a mortgage on a Park Home? The reply is a resounding no, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of living in or retiring to a park house. Financing a park home isn’t out of the …

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What to Do After Suffering from a Wrongful Arrest?

Wrongful Arrest

If a police officer or a private citizen like a security guard detains you or restricts your freedom without any reason, it’s important to know your rights and what course of action you can take next. Most people are not well aware of their civil rights and this deters them …

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Car Accident

To be in a car accident is among the most tragic things for anyone ever to experience. Like any other city in the world, Austin witnesses its share of auto accidents as well. But sadly, Austin recorded a higher number of road accident fatalities in 2020 than in the last …

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Who Is Liable When An Independent Contractor Is Injured While On A Job?

Independent Contractor

Hiring an independent contractor is crucial, especially in large construction projects. According to HawkLaw, P.A, there are multiple benefits of choosing an independent contractor. The biggest benefit of them all is that you don’t have to make any long-term commitment. There are numerous monetary benefits of hiring an independent contractor …

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4 reasons why you may need disability law services

disability law services

People suffering from disabilities often have o face discrimination in various environments, including work. Moreover, in case of an accident, a person may be injured for a while. During this time, they are disabled and cannot work. Hence, they require compensation from their work, insurance companies, or the government. A …

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How to Find the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer to Represent You in Court

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Are you feeling defeated as a result of the criminal charges you are facing? Do you wish to find legal help, but you don’t know what measures to take? It’s common to have mixed feelings about the criminal charges brought against you. Note that making a mistake doesn’t automatically make …

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How To Fight For The Maximum Compensation In An Injury Case

Injury Case

Whether you have had an injury at work, in a commercial facility, or on private property, getting the compensation you deserve can be quite challenging. In most work-related injuries, even though the employer might have insurance coverage, getting the insurance company to pay you what your damages are worth is …

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