An automated CNC laser metal-cutting machine.

CNC Laser Cutting Machines

The CNC laser cutting machines are perfect for cutting sheet metal whether it is stainless steel, aluminum alloy, steel, titanium, and more. This type of machining is perfect for prototypes make of metal, projects that require thicker uses of metal, and short production runs. 

Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) laser metal cutting machine allows for minimal setup time, low engineering time, hardly any setup time, and absolutely no need for hard tooling. Being able to receive an order and begin production to fill that order on the same day is possible with this type of technology. 

No more will you have to spend a day or two just to get the machine set up. And ready to begin the project. CNC laser cutting machines will help to reduce the amount of work that you will have to do. Which in turn, allows you to begin production the same day. How great would that be?

Making multiple cuts within the same sheet of material is easy. There will be ties that will hold all of the pieces together as the machine continues and then completes the cutting process. The operator then will have to either shake the sheet or use a rubber mallet to knock the parts loose from one another. This is why the parts that this laser metal cutter helps to make are called “Shaker” parts. Precision cuts are make; however, the machine will not use all of the available material within the sheet, making waste inevitable.

There will allow room in between each cut; each cut will not be make off of the other one as in Water jet cutting nesting can be programmed and very little waste will be produced. Even though there will be a waste, it will not be a large amount; probably no more than manually making the cuts yourself. 

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is use right along with a high voltage system that excites the gas and causes the appearance of a single wavelength of light. The light is then direct onto the sheet metal by an optics system. The optics system reduces the diameter of the light to a very narrow diameter and uses it for the cutting process. The laser bed moves as well as the cutting laser itself. 

A shielding gas (usually a nitrogen/oxygen mixture) is then use to blow away vaporize metal and aids in combustion. Oxygen helps to cause the laser to cut faster. Nitrogen doesn’t aid in cutting; however, it aids in the combustion and blowing away the vaporized metal. This helps to clean up the cut, making it smooth and professional. You will find no slag on the finished product.


Newer CNC metal cutting machine offer a variety of cool features. Some can even pull Nitrogen out of the air to help aid in the combustion and vaporization processes. To find out more about the CNC laser cutting machines, ask a company that sells this type of machinery. They will be able to better answer any questions that you have and will direct you to the machine that is right for you.

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