Colleges Offering Cannabis Courses

Colleges are offering classes on cannabis, marijuana, and other related topics. Colleges all over the U.S., including Arizona State University in Tempe, New York’s Bard College, and California’s Humboldt State University, have begun to offer courses about cannabis cultivation or marketing. For many students, these courses act as an introduction to a new industry that they might not otherwise know much about. Colleges see the potential for growth in this area of study because of how rapidly it is expanding into different states across America with legalization efforts. The WSJ reports that there were 527 college course offerings at schools nationwide last year, a 7% increase from 2016.

These colleges see these opportunities as a way to get ahead of the curve instead of being left behind. Colleges are now offering both cannabis-related majors and courses that cover cannabis policy, law enforcement, patient counseling, testing laboratories, and more. Colleges see the potential for growth in this area of study because of how rapidly it is expanding into different states across America with legalization efforts.

Examples of Accredited Cannabis Programs

The Cannabis Colleges of Colorado

Colorado State University Pueblo offers a minoring in cannabis studies. The course is geared towards students who are interested in entering the cannabis industry or who want to learn more about the effects of marijuana on their bodies. Students also get the opportunity to put what they have learned into play by doing an internship at a cannabis company while still in school. They offer a degree in cannabis and marijuana cultivation, which can be completed in about six months.

Lake Superior State University, Bachelor’s in Cannabis Chemistry

Lake Superior State University offers a bachelor’s degree in Cannabis Chemistry. This program will prepare students for careers involving the research and development of products derived from marijuana. It is designed to meet the needs of employers who want workers with expertise in botany, plant breeding, agricultural crop production, or quality control procedures related to medicinal plants. The course work includes introductory chemistry, biochemistry, and toxicology courses, as well as classes on principles of microbiology, organic laboratory techniques, and analytical instrumental analysis. Students are encouraged to participate in internships during their studies so they can gain practical experience before entering the workforce after graduation.

Northern Michigan University, Bachelor’s in Medicinal Plant Chemistry

This program will prepare students for careers involving the research and development of products derived from marijuana. The program will focus on the scientific investigation of cannabis, including its synthesis and degradation mechanisms, phytochemistry, potential benefits, and risks of use for human health and the environment.

Stockton’s University’s Minor in Cannabis Studies

The program is designed to offer students an opportunity to learn about the history, political and social aspects of marijuana use as well as the economic impact it has on society. The curriculum will also examine how cannabis can be used medically or recreationally with an emphasis on personal health and wellness. You’ll also learn all about California cannabis business tax expectations and how to operate your business appropriately with the law in mind. This coursework would allow students to pursue careers in marijuana regulation, advocacy, business management, law enforcement, or other related fields. And because California has legalized recreational pot use for adults over 21 years old, this degree could have a more significant impact than most people realize.

SUNY Morrisville’s Minor in Cannabis Studies

This program is intended for students who want to study the economic and political aspects of cannabis legalization and regulation. The coursework will provide a better understanding of how cannabis is grown and processed, what its medicinal benefits are and how it affects society.

University of Rhode Island’s Online Certificate in Cannabis Studies

Students will be able to explore the business and cannabis industry challenges of medicinal marijuana through online courses. The University of Rhode Island is offering a certificate in Cannabis Studies. A bachelor of science degree in Community Health is required.

Western Illinois University’s Minor in Cannabis Production

Western Illinois University offers a minor in Cannabis Production for students who want to learn about the cultivation, production, and study of marijuana. The minor is designed for those who wish to pursue a career in the industry. 

The courses offered to examine the legislation surrounding cannabis as well as how it is used recreationally or medicinally. Students will have access to an online bookstore where they can buy textbooks that cover a wide range of topics related to the cultivation of cannabis plants. This degree will be helpful for those studying agriculture, horticulture science, science and human ecology, biology, and chemistry.

Minot State University, Degree in Medicinal Plant Chemistry

Minot State University in North Dakota is offering a degree in medicinal plant chemistry. The program teaches how to grow cannabis plants and extract chemical compounds from them for use in medicines, food, textiles, and plastics.

The goal of the program is to develop what scientists call “pharmaceutical crops.” The program’s founders hope that by 2020, the degree will be the only undergraduate degree program in the United States that trains students to work with cannabis plants.

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