Commercial Cleaning vs. Home Cleaning: What’s the Difference?

Most of the service providers in Australia provide two types of cleaning solutions: commercial cleaning and residential water damage cleaning. There are many differences between these two. Schedule, facility type, equipment and sanitary requirements are major differences. Today we are going to discuss them.

What is Industrial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning needs experienced and trained cleaners, high-quality equipment and special technologies to clean and sanitise commercial buildings, such as schools, offices, medical facilities, health centres and other corporate houses.

These centres receive maximum foot traffic, so specialised cleaning technologies ensure better hygienic conditions for mould remediation and sanitisation.

Technologies also play a vital role in commercial buildings. Many service providers use electrostatic spray, certified disinfectants and many other advanced tools for 360-degree cleaning. On the other hand, some service providers use eco-friendly products and green cleaning techniques, reducing the use of energy and ill effects on nature and humans.

Industrial cleaning companies are insured, which means the damage done during the training process must be covered by insurance.

Commercial service cleaners also need advanced skills and technologies, especially after flood damage. They consider the safety of the workers, employees and visitors.

What is Residential Cleaning?

The process is very common; it depends on the severity of the damage, water source, temperature and many other factors. Residential cleaners can be self-employed people or part of a large company. That is why packages, prices, facilities, technologies vary from case to case.

Indeed, IICRC certified professionals can provide better results than self-employed people.

Individual cleaners often use their own devices with harmful chemicals instead of green alternatives or certified chemicals. Whereas a reputable service provider always uses industry-grade equipment and advanced technologies which provide better results in terms of cleaning and sanitisation. Lack of training and outdated technologies affect the quality of cleaning for self-employed individuals.

In terms of security, it makes a huge difference. Individuals or residential service providers do not need insurance. It means owners must pay for the damage due to repair. In some cases, the company may pay compensation.

Commercial vs Residential Cleaning

Commercial cleaning needs more hard work and better cleaning strategies than residential cleaning. There are many other differences between these two.

· Cleaning Area

An industrial cleaning area is larger than a domestic cleaning area. Professionals use industrial equipment to cover a large area quickly.

· Responsibilities

There are many DIY remedies for domestic cleaning. Besides that, the house owner can also clean the area properly. On the other hand, commercial cleaning needs better skills, training and efficiency.

· Cleaning Devices, Tools and Materials

Industrial cleaning needs better tools and materials such as certified chemicals, huge vacuum cleaners, floor polishes, moisture detectors to cover the large areas of hotels, restaurants and hospitals. Domestic cleaning does not need this type of huge investment. Professionals come with simpler cleaning devices because these are convenient to use in small areas.

· Cleaning Standards

Commercial cleaning is more complex because it needs to follow health and safety standards to ensure the safety and security of the visitors. Residential premises receive less foot traffic, so it is easier and simpler.

Commercial Vs Residential Carpet Cleaning Process

Commercial cleaning processes are more complicated and divided into a few steps. Usually, it needs more experts, support staff, and technicians to control the situation properly. It needs special safety and hygienic treatment, especially in hospitals and hotels. The process of cleaning a hospital is different from a restaurant.

Hot water extraction, steam cleaning and dry cleaning are popular carpet cleaning methods, but experts will analyse the situation to set the best solution. If they think the damage is severe, deep carpet cleaning is necessary to restore the area properly. Otherwise, you can try DIY solutions for minor domestic damages. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you should seek professional help.

It depends on your requirements. You need to decide the costs, green cleaning facilities, hygiene factors, cleanliness, dependability. If you need carpet water damage cleanup, Perth is a major location where we provide our services. Call us and get answers to all your queries. If you are satisfied, then book an appointment for cleaning services. We will be there at your doorstep within a couple of hours.

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