Mosquito Infestation

Control Mosquito Infestation around your Home with these Simple Tips

Probably you desire to have family cookouts, outdoor parties, and other fun activities in the backyard. This raises the need to control mosquitoes around your property to ensure you and loved ones can enjoy your outdoor activities freely. According to Rove Pest Control, taking a proactive approach to controlling mosquito infestations can help reduce the number of mosquitoes in your home.

Probably you have been reading DIY pest control tips on the internet, or your neighbor taught you a thing or two about mosquito control. Well, DIY spraying isn’t an option. This is because all the pest control chemicals in departmental stores and home centers are a little bit confusing, and it might be challenging for you to pick the right product for your specific situation.

Ideally, an effective pest control and prevention strategy must involve hiring an expert to help handle the task. Professionals know what spays and treatment options are effective for mosquito control or any other type of pests invading your property. They also know other pests that go hand in hand with other insects, and that means they can detect an infestation that you didn’t know that existed.

Mosquito control tips

Mosquitoes require water to breed. So, there are a few things you can do to prevent mosquito infestation in your house, backyard, in the garden, and other parts of your home. These include;

Tip containers or drill holes in the bottom to drain water: Mosquitoes tend to lay their eggs in water, and it’s essential to their survival. Eradicating pooling water is a threat to their survival and could result in a drop in their numbers.

Declutter: A cluttered house, backyard, or garden is a perfect habitat for mosquitoes. In addition to retaining moisture, they offer a warm shelter that’s excellent for breeding. Toss all unwanted items and junk to eliminate all forms of shelter for mosquitoes.

Mow your lawn, clean gutters, and fix screens: Debris and trees leave accumulate in gutters. During the rainy season, these become perfect breeding areas for mosquitoes. Keeping them clean and dry is one way of making your home less favorable to mosquitoes.

Make sure that water can’t be drained is treated: Of course, there are pools of water that you cannot drain. Chlorinate these pools of water to repel these insects.

Treat your lawn: A larger number of hardware stores and garden suppliers sell granules or sprays for pest control. When treating your lawn, use them sparingly.

Installing a fan in your home can keep mosquitoes away. These small insects don’t fly well against fast-moving air. Whether you’re in your garage, in the living room or backyard deck, having a fan that keeps the air moving fast can help control mosquitoes.

Nothing ruins the fun of an evening outdoor BBQ like a bunch of bloodthirsty mosquitoes. They inflict a painful bite and also transmit diseases such as malaria.

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