Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a multiplayer team-based action gameplay that has more than 24 million monthly active users. It was designed by Valve and Hidden Path entertainment.CSGO was released for Windows,macOS, Xbox 360, and PlayStation in August 2012 and 2014 for Linux. In the game, the players are divided into two teams, terrorist and counter-terrorist, with both teams having the mission eliminating each other while also completing different objectives. The terrorist has the task of planting the bombs or protecting the hostages. Counter-terrorists have to stop the terrorist from planting the bomb and rescuing the hostages from terrorists.

In CSGO, there are various ranking accounts provided that allow you to select the level of difficulty and gaming experience for different accounts. Ranking in CSGO is decided based on the experience of the gamer. You will get your silver medal at the rank of 40 using the CSGO medal account. Without the middle account, you cannot utilize the services that the account offer. The journey in CSGO will start private rank 0. To get the medal account, you need to reach level 40. Using CS GO accounts, you can play with your friends and with and other groups of people online.

Different type of CSGO accounts:

CSGO Smurf Account

Buy CSGO Smurf Account help inexperienced and low performing gamers to boost their overall level in CS GO gaming server worldwide. You can also use Smurf accounts to help your low-level friends who are new to the game. there are two types of Smurf accounts- CSGO coin Smurfs and CSGO medal Smurf. Smurf accounts also used by high-ranked players to play against low-rank players to take advantage of them. This will help them gain low-level players easily, as in CSGO, and players are paired with the same level and skill set.

CSGO Prime Account

When You Buy CSGO Prime Account You can play other players with Prime account. The valve introduced it to experiment with the game’s matchmaking system. This allows serious Gamers to play with other like-minded individuals who have invested their time or money in the game. Prime account folders receive Prime-exclusive Souvenir items; item drops hand weapon cases, and access all the community-operated servers. you can either purchase it or attain it at profile level 21. non-Prime users cannot play in a prime only match.

CSGO High Tier Account

High Tier Accounts are the accounts with high rankings, with an increased number of wins and extensive hours of the game played. The game played on high tier account can range from 200 to 10000 hours. The High Tier account has at least 200 wins, making it more reliable in dealing with the hacker community. We provide our gaming community with high-tier prime accounts that are of the highest possible level. You get rewards based on the hours and number of wins you have attained in the game. The more experienced accounts will have more medals. CSGO high tier account has a very high trust factor and is protected against cheaters.

Different accounts in CSGO allows the player to have more attractive matchmaking and allows the skills set of games to improve. Allows a low-level player to gain experience from a high-level player by playing against them.

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