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Customized lipstick boxes – 6 secret tips to grow your revenue instantly

If you are still using some plain boxes for packaging your cosmetic products, you are losing a large part of your possible sales. The lipstick boxes with logo need to be designed, keeping in view the various factors if you desire for increased sales. Ranging from attractive displays to the quality of materials you use for manufacturing these boxes affect the perception of the customers. If your lipstick packages are capable of leaving a memorable impression on the minds of consumers, only then you can earn huge profits. In case you do not know which factors should be present in your lipstick packages for making more sales, have a look at the following guide.

Use quality materials:

The sale of your company will increase drastically by the use of quality material for producing lipstick boxes. The choice of material will decide whether your products will be safe or not during the transportation process. It also decides the impact of your business on the environment. Both these parameters, i.e., the safety and environmental impact of your packaging, are evaluated by the customers. If you are offering durable packaging with reducing carbon footprint in the atmosphere, your products will be sold instantly. Therefore, make sure you are using quality materials while manufacturing the lipstick packages. Cardboard can be the best option to choose from in this aspect. The cardboard lipstick packages will protect the delicate beauty items and would be beneficial in saving the precious resources of the planet as well.

Print vital information:

Communicating with the clients is also a deterministic factor in affecting your sales. The beauty products packaged inside a plain brown box are unable to communicate and, thus, engage with the customers. On the other hand, products inside the packages with the printed details are sure to impress the customers. So, printing all the relevant and vital information holds a key for affecting the purchasing behavior of the consumers. Modern-day customers are very conscious, and they want to see the product details on the lipstick packaging before buying. The printed details should educate the customers about the proper usage of the beauty items. The expiry date, safety warnings, price, etc., should be displayed properly in acceptable fonts. The accurate information displayed on your lipstick packages helps the clients to choose the best product. In return, they start trusting your brand and make repeat sales.

Attractive finishes and coatings:

The presentation of cosmetic products is important if you want to boost the sales of your company. For an attractive display of cosmetic products, the lipstick packages need to be designed with alluring finishes and coatings. The gloss or matte lamination could be an excellent choice to increase the display value of your cosmetic products on the retail shelves. Some efficient printing techniques, such as offset printing, flexographic printing, embossing, spot UV, etc., are quite helpful in this regard. The laminations will hit the two birds with one stone, i.e., they will increase the visual appeal of the products as well as keep them safe.

Creative shipping services:

The final delivery of your product is crucial if you want to earn huge profit margins. The shipping process of your items should take a lesser time than your competitive brands. Most of the companies use popular mailing services for delivering their beauty items to the customers. Delivery through these mailing services can prove costly to you, and your products may take several weeks to reach their final destinations. Be creative with your shipping services and use the parcel lockers for transporting your items. They are ideal for sending your precious and delicate cosmetic items long distances. There are also some famous companies which provide secure shipping processes with a minimal delivery time. Employing the services of these companies can be a booster for your sales as the customers love to shop from brands that have minimum delivery time.

Innovative wrapping:

The way you wrap the cosmetic products has an influential role in affecting the purchasing decisions of the customers. To impress the clients, you first need to understand all the three kinds of wrapping. These kinds are internal wrapping, external wrapping, and packaging, respectively. The outer wrapping is the box in which your lipstick is packaged. The inner wrapping assists in maintain the features or characteristics of the beauty items. In other words, it ensures the beauty of the cosmetic items by its beautiful displays. For example, you can cover your cosmetic product in colorful paper to fascinate the customers in the very first look. To earn more revenues, you will need both kinds of wrapping. Once you have created a good impression with the internal and external wrapping, the consumers will be convinced to make buying from you.

Personalized touch:

Adding a personalized touch to your lipstick packaging can engage more and more customers to your brand. Build a stronger connection with them by surprising them with little things. For instance, you can write a special thank you note and place it inside the box. When the customers open the box, they will feel special by seeing the personalized note inside. A little gift can also be placed inside the box to earn the loyalty of the targeted audience. Besides, some discounted coupons and other promotional offers can be provided to the consumers for creating a personalized connection. Once you have established a special connection with the clients, you will earn customer loyalty, which will contribute to increased sales.

For increasing the revenue of your brand enormously by using lipstick boxes with logo, you need to comply with the aforementioned tips. The quality of materials should not be compromised for earning the confidence of clients. Printing vital details about cosmetic products is essential. Besides, creative and quick shipping methods impress the clients. After that, you have earned the credibility of customers; you will be blessed with more profit margins.

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