Design unique Cosmetic packaging for your Beauty Products

Product packaging is the means to communicate with the customer on the brand’s behalf. When a customer enters the store, the first commodity that catches their eyes is the sleek and attractive packaging and helps in forming a lasting impression on them. The brand image, reputation, and overall feel of a product are directly related to the packaging of the product. High-quality packaging convinces the customers that the product is of good quality and draws their interest. It sets your product apart from the other products that are relatively similar.

The importance of cosmetic boxes is high due to various reasons.

Information about the Ingredients: It includes all the ingredients included in the product that helps the customers decide whether the product is safe or not. Customers do not prefer products containing ingredients that are harmful or not environmentally friendly.

Company logo: The product packaging also provide the company logo that plays a significant role in the recognition of the company. The graphics are immensely essential to the customer on the packaging. Cosmetics firms aim to market not just a brand to customers, but also an appearance related to those attributes or characteristics. An effective logo can allow consumers to recognize and recall memories and emotions at a glance.

Goods are sold in acceptable packaging for:

  • Shipping and storage purposes,
  • To prevent spoilage of the product,
  • To announce the producer of the packed product,
  • To explain the product
  • To demonstrate the usage of the product
  • To make it easier to deliver
  • To make it easier to recycle and disposable
  • To encourage clients to order

Simple packaging- A game-changer:

If you desire to have an effective design, simple packaging is the best option. The market out there is agitated and busy, people gravitate towards packaging which gives a calm feel. Simple packaging may better illustrate content use, visuals, and features. It is also cost-friendly. Some other major advantages are saving of the material and indirect expenses, the shipment prices get lower, it is also sustainable for the climate.

Color of the Packaging:

According to many product packaging specialists, one of the quickest ways to draw the interest of a customer and raise brand recognition is with the help of ‘color’. Color plays a significant role in grabbing people’s attention. According to researches colors are used for various marketing conditions. For example, blue and white are used to give a professional feel.

Good Typography:

The choice of the font must be done in a way that benefits the brand. The packaging loses its purpose if the font used on the product is not readable. This kind of font frustrates the customers and makes them move to the next product. Good typography builds a clear visual hierarchy. Good typography also serves in the overall tone and provides a graphical balance of the product. The font style for the packaging you choose is perhaps the perfect way to make sense of your message and express it in an exciting and imaginative manner. Typography can identify your product, help distinguish your brand, and impact consumers’ choice, among other products. Typography is an important aspect of packaging design.

Eco-friendly packaging:

The environmental implications of packaging are constantly troubling consumers. Not only consumers but policymakers are under pressure to use environmentally-friendly packaging for their goods. For several factors, brands have turned to organic packaging, the factors include social corporate responsibility, reduction of carbon footprints, pollution reduction, improved revenue – and because retailers need it.

The customers are reinforced that the company is responsible when they learn that the packaging used is eco-friendly. When the brand image is better, it leads to better sales therefore more profit. Eco-friendly packaging is also cost-effective.


What are the ways to make your cosmetic packaging more impactful?

Give a high end feel too cheap packaging. Inexpensive packaging can be made to look chic and customized. Eco-friendly boxes for cosmetic packaging also convinces the customers to prefer your brand over others due to the rising awareness about environmental changes.

What are bio-motive triggers and how is it related to product packaging?

Bio-motive triggers are sensory cues that affect our subconscious and result in action. According to studies, a customer only reads seven words on average when in a store. Due to this reason, it is important to use techniques that can improve commercial performance. For example, pointy and sharp shapes catch our attention and direct our mind towards danger while curvy shapes give a sense of comfort and give a feeling of comfort.

What is the five-year-old test?

If you can explain the brand packaging to a five a year old, send the child into the store, and he/she eventually finds it, your brand can make an iconic bond with the customers.

Interesting facts about packaging:

  • Cardboard boxes are almost 100 years old and they tend to have plenty of stories behind. In 1903, the first cardboard box was patented, although cardboard itself is much older, as it was produced in 1856.
  • The first packaging which was probably shells, leaves, animal skin, was done by a primitive man during the middle stone age.
  • Red color generates a sense of danger or urgency. It is used by brands to announce discount sales. Brands use it as the base color of their packaging due to its eye-catchy specialty.
  • It takes 10 seconds for customers to decide whether they want to buy a product or not.
  • Brand makes an impression on the customers in the first 7 seconds the customer sees it.

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