What are Blenders?

Have you ever seen a motorized appliance in every kitchen with a jar attached to it? It is a basic setup that can be a juicer or mixer or a blender. The blenders are one of the popular kitchen appliances that are used to puree, emulsify, and mix different types of fruits and vegetables. As said earlier, it has a jar or container with strong blades that cut through your contents to blend them. It is made up of BPA-FREE and 100% safe high-grade plastic. The second important part of the blender is the motorized unit that houses a powerful electric motor unit mostly an induction motor to give power to the blades of your blender. Thus it is a simple setup based on technology.

Different Types of Blenders:

Owing to the functionality and versatility of blenders, you can go for any of the different types of blenders available in the market. Let’s have a check at our list of different types of blenders along with their uses:

1. Regular kitchen countertop blender:

These are the most common blenders that are found in modern kitchens. These blenders consist of the jar, motorized unit and are specially designed to blend all of your ingredients. It is made up of the best quality products and is highly affordable.

Specialized use: These are the powerful blenders with different speed settings and pulse speed option as well.

2. Professional blender:

These are the classic blenders that are found in the bars, restaurants, and hotels to serve a large audience. Thus, it consists of different jars with large capacities so that you can blend all of your ingredients in one go only. These are designed for heavy use.

Specialized use: These are the heavy-duty blenders that find a place for making smoothies, dips, hummus, ice drinks, etc.

3. Portable blender:

These are your ideal fitness partners that work well in case you want to have a fresh drink for your use. These are powered by batteries and cut the monthly power costs of the average blenders.

Specialized use: If you are looking for a personalized blender that makes the best smoothies, drinks for you, go for portable blenders. Don’t underestimate their power as you have a strong blending unit.

4. Immersion blender:

These blenders are another latest addition to the family of the blenders as they are made up of a long immersion unit along with the limited plastic part or handle. Thus, you can use it easily, clean it easily, and don’t need to worry about the space to manage a large unit.

Specialized use: These are the best blenders for making hot soups or other drinks without worrying about hurting yourself from the hot steam of the ingredients.

5. Quiet blender:

Best Quiet blenders are another modern addition to the family of the blenders that operate without creating large noises at your place. The amount of noise is usually misunderstood to be the power of the blender.

Specialized use: These are the best blenders in case you are fed up with the large quirky noises of the blenders.

After having a look at all of the latest blenders available in the kitchen appliances, decide on your favorite and own one.

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