Since its evolution, eCommerce has been an affordable option for retailers and consumers. Brick-and-mortar stores require much more maintenance as well as physical availability. Moreover, it also has limited customer reach and holds rental liabilities. All this in one way or the other adds up for the operational costs for eCommerce stores. Therefore, shop owners and customers are inclining towards the eCommerce shops. But to stay afloat, owners of the eCommerce stores should also concern about cutting costs. Therefore, to guide you through, we are here with– Different Ways to Cut Costs With The Help Of Ecommerce Website Design.

Business Automation through eCommerce website design

Nowadays, everyone is busy. People do not have time to go on leisurely trips, and if you think they are going to fill up long forms to add themselves to your business lists, you are dead wrong. Another thing, if you hire someone to do these tasks manually, you will lose money. What to do then?– Automate.

Automating your workflow tasks saves your time, labor, and money. Website automation is not a new thing. Many of your rivals have already invested in such eCommerce website development. So what are you waiting for?

Some of the task automation are:

Creating sales receipts.

Posting new products over social media.

Taking action against abandoned cart events.

Maintaining all sales data into a spreadsheet.

Logging all business sales into accounting software.

Adding info of every new customer into your email marketing tool.

Using Promotional Campaigns for Cutting Inventory Costs

There is a saying– “sometimes to make money, you have to lose money.” And this is what you have to do. Save some money through strategically cutting inventory costs. Promote clearance sale campaigns, seasonal deals, coupon codes, etc., to eliminate piled up inventory. For creating such campaigns, you can get in touch with the website designers who can render your business with a great eCommerce website design to layout your promotional deals.

Thoughtfully & Effectively Spending The Marketing Funds

Deciding to go for an easily navigational eCommerce website design was the first step towards success. The next step will be funneling your marketing budget. But directing your hard-earned money into digital channels without any knowledge can prove to be lethal for the business. Therefore, you need the helping hand of digital marketers.

Although you can specifically search for a digital marketing agency, we would like to suggest looking nearby. Try to find a digital marketer in the same website designing agency. The process of web development is amalgamating; hence you will surely come across marketing experts there.

As today’s topic is about cutting costs, this is what we are doing here. There are quite many best e-commerce website builder in Dubai who can help you out in this situation.

Reduction in Product Returns

“Keep products in customer’s hands and profits in yours.” — should be the motto of every eCommerce business. With the return of every product, there is a return of liabilities and attached costs. Shipping, labor, storage, and packaging expenses will re-incur. So to prevent this from happening, you can take certain steps such as:

Let the customers know precisely what they are buying.

Adding multiple relevant images, elaborated product descriptions, and product videos can help customers understand the product. Why so?– Because all these will grant the shoppers with a sense of realism.

Moreover, for measurable items, try to provide accurate measurements or size charts of understandable units.

Avoiding high-risk customers.

A broader reach to capture a large chunk of potential customers might seem tempting, but it can also pose a threat. If, in any case, it brings in high-risk shoppers. So, to avoid these clients, you can look into previous sales data. But this is quite a hectic task. Therefore, make use of automation techniques to make your work easy-peasy. And do not forget to ask for a reason on the return form.

Give the customers an extended time frame.

At first, this might look like an absurd idea, but this is a creative way to reduce your returns. This counter-intuitive method applies the endowment effect among the shoppers. Additionally, they will also have the time to think, and chances are they might change their mind regarding the return. The longer they keep them, the lesser the chances of returning them.


We hope that this article was informative enough for you to provide an insight into cutting operational costs. However, if you want to revamp your older eCommerce site with a fabulous web design but are not sure of the prices, you can type-in ‘eCommerce website design price’ in Google’s search box. Numerous suggestions will indeed appear.

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