Duolingo: The Best Way to Learn Foreign Languages

Duolingo is an American website designed for learning languages. It also has an app version that is more convenient to use. The users can also sit for an assessment exam to check their language proficiency. The company can make use of the freemium version, the application, as well as the website, which can be accessed without asking the users to pay any extra charge. However, the Duolingo application also provides premium features but then, you have to pay a specific amount. To know more about this excellent application, continue reading this post till the end. This post is going to brief you about all that you need to know about Duolingo. 

What are the steps to use this application?

There are certain steps that you need to follow to use this application. The steps are mentioned below as follows:

Complete the signup procedure 

Once you are on the official page of this application, you will have to complete the signup procedure. There are two ways in which you can complete the procedure: 

  • If you select the option of signing up through email, you can try linking your Facebook account with Duolingo later on.
  • If you are choosing to complete the procedure of signing up with the help of Facebook, it will be simpler for you to send invitations to your friends. You can also share all updates automatically along with the progress on the timeline of your Facebook account. 

Choose a language 

When you are done with creating your account, you will be required to choose the language you are willing to learn. This option isn’t fixed rigidly, though you can be changing your mind or even adding up many new options of language. Presently, the options that the speakers o English can get include German, French, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Polish, Danish, Welsh, and many more. 

Input account details  

When you’re first signing up, you’ll only need to enter a username and password. If you’d like to add more to your profile, though, you can do so by clicking the gear icon in the upper-right corner and selecting Settings. You can add your:

When you are signing up, you will require to input a password and a username. If you are adding more information to your account, you can try doing the same by selecting the icon showing gear in the upper corner which is towards the right of the screen, and choosing the settings option. The details that you can add are location, full name, Twitter account, profile picture, short bio, Facebook account. 

Turn on notifications 

The Duolingo application works the most efficiently while you are practicing it every day. Although you can forget about it easily. Hence, it is recommended that you set up the notifications so that your routine doesn’t go off track. 

Benefits of using Duolingo 

The significant benefits that you can get by using this application are as follows: 

  • Ad-free learning 

The best benefit of using this application is that there are no advertisements to disturb your learning experience. You can continue learning the language you want at a stretch and you don’t have to get interrupted by advertisements. 

  • Downloading options

Duolingo also offers downloading options for the users. By this option, the user can save or download the language he/she is willing to learn. The user can get access to learning that language if when he/she is offline. 

  • Endless tests

The users can also take on endless assessments to check their language proficiency. The tests are unlimited and the user can opt for them anytime he/she wants to. 

  • Clarity 

One of the best things about Duolingo is that it offers a lot of clarity to the users. The users don’t have to face any kind of complexities while using the application or the website. 

Who all should use Duolingo?

Duolingo is an application as well as a website based in America. It helps the users in learning different languages. People who want to increase their vocabulary, as well as their proficiency in one or more languages, can go for it.

Undoubtedly, Duolingo is one of the most reliable platforms that you can use for learning different languages. You can either use this platform directly from its website or you can download and install the application to use it smoothly.  You can find the pro version app on APKDyno.com for free.

Henceforth, Duolingo is a must-try application for all language learning people. It helps you in learning many different languages. It is free to use unless you want to access the premium features of this platform. You can easily download and install the application on your device if you want to use it regularly. It is compatible with all platforms including Android, IOS. 

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