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Effective Tips to Get Your Spouse to Go for Couples Counseling

You cannot force anyone to do anything, even if it’s your spouse. If you are facing a rough phase in your married life, “FORCING” your partner to seek a couples counseling is not the best option.  

There are several reasons why someone might be resistant to going for a counseling session. However, you can try to understand your partner’s fears and insecurities about marriage counseling and try to address those concerts to successfully convince them to seek professional help for the dying marriage. Here’s how to do that. 

Don’t play the blame game- as it always takes two hands to clap, in the same way; it takes two people to destroy or make up a relationship. So don’t go to a couple’s counseling with pointing fingers as both the partners are equally to be blamed. Always go to a couple’s counseling sessions by making a mind to work on the relationship and not to play a blame game. At last, it never matters whose fault it was. It will equally harm you both.

Be honest about your struggles- going for a counseling session doesn’t mean you want to end the relationship or you aren’t happy staying with your partner anymore. You should be honest in your relationship no matter if it hurts your partner, as if you are not honest and try to hide things just to make them happy will end things horribly. As we know that open and honest communication is the key to a healthy relationship, so be honest with all your problems and discomfort you feel with them. This will help you to live happily with your partner and also will make the path easy to convince your partner to go for a couples therapy session.

Choose a counselor together- you can’t go for couple counseling alone; you must be with your partner and be clear with all the misunderstandings or issues you both have. If one of you has given a suggestion to go for couple counseling and the other one is just listening and not doing much. Then just make sure that both the partners are equally interested in going for a couple counseling sessions. You can both choose the Counselor together so that both of you Are comfortable while discussing the problems.

Let Them Make the Decision For Themselves- if you are the one who wants to go for couple counseling then you should convince your partner to go with you but never force them to come with you. You should explain to them the advantages and disadvantages and give them their own time to think and make a mind to accompany you to the couple counselor. A couple counseling session is only successful if both of you are equally interested and want to work on the relationship together. So make sure that no one is forced to go there, and the discussion of counseling is mutual.

These ways have been proved to be very effective when it comes to convincing your partner for couple counseling.

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