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Top 9 Exercises For Copywriters That Lead To Interesting Articles

An author who does not have good writing skills becomes boring to the readers. Literacy, conciseness, and brevity are indicators of professionalism. For those who find it difficult to come up with a normal text, need to follow the simple exercises. Make your work interesting. This article will help you write interesting articles quickly, beautifully, and without pain.

Easy Writing Exercises For Copywriters

1-  Compound Word

Try to write good compound words that are related to the topic of the article so that it looks natural. Articles are read not only by ordinary people, but also by copywriters, editors, and teachers, so initially focus on those who can find flaws. Try to show wonders of imagination and skill, because copywriting is not so difficult.

2-  Synonyms For Words

Find synonyms for words and write them in a column against the words. Do the speed exercise and record the results for each word. Gradually reduce the amount of time you spend coming up with synonymous words. Memorize them. Then write down the words that you often use in your articles. Think of the maximum number of synonyms for them. 

If you are a copywriter of a dissertation writing services blog, look for the synonym of words: “dissertation,” “academic,” and “emphasis.” Using similar words, again and again, make the content boring for the readers.

3-  Write 10,000 Words And Edit Them

Write at least 10,000 characters per day for a week and after writing – cross out anything you don’t like. Remove the unnecessary words. Feel free to get rid of pieces of text and make a sentence clear. Editing helps:

  • See spelling mistakes
  • Develops the speed of thinking
  • Improves the readability of the text
  • Helps to make content unique and interesting

4-  Comparisons And Metaphors

A useless metaphor or an epithet in the text looks stupid, so make comparisons carefully. Try to take a few popular words from the texts (which you are writing at the moment) and compare them with other words without losing meaning. Pay attention to their common features. The essence of this exercise is to train the imagination.

Use an analogy story. The exercise does not call for applying the results in the articles but develops thinking. 

5-  Reading In Reverse

An interesting way to find errors in the text is to read sentences from end to beginning. In reverse order, each word is read separately. This exercise takes longer than regular reading, but flaws and mistakes are easily visible.

6-  Links To Previous Articles

The exercise is simple, look for an opportunity in each text to leave a link to the previous article. It must be masked in the form of an anchor or a request and inserted harmoniously into the text. The link must be readable and relevant to the topic even if you have to add a little text for this.


  • Help in the internal optimization of articles.
  • Developing linking between articles.
  • Easy way to navigate through the blog.

7-  Portrait Of The Target Audience

Make a portrait of the target audience in your head before writing the text. Use this methodology for writing the articles. Think about who will be interested in the content and why? Write down the goals of the article in a column and, on their basis, make up a portrait of the target audience, who will need them.

You need to analyze the following factors:

  • City
  • Country
  • Age
  • Interests
  • Priorities
  • Values

8-  Synonyms of Verbs

Collect synonyms for popular verbs. List the common verbs you use in your articles in a column. Find a synonym for each, or preferably two, and write them down in two columns.


Used – applied

Located – placed

9-  Writing Stories

Stories develop imagination, allow you to think differently about a certain topic, and create an image. Writing the facts is much easier than writing a story. Moreover, people tend to find stories more interesting than content. Many essay writing services use this technique to make their essay unusual and interesting.

Final Words

Use the above exercises for the development of speech and thinking, then the text will become easier to write. And you will not have to think about finding a synonym for several minutes.

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