Eyecare 101: How to Get Kids to Wear Their Glasses and Feel Confident

Is your child about to wear his first set of eyeglasses? Or is your child starting to wear one, but doesn’t feel comfortable about it?

Struggling to make kids wear eyeglasses is a common challenge in children’s eyecare. The reasons behind this hesitation can vary. This is quite unfortunate, considering one out of three children who need eyeglasses does not wear them.

So you need to guide your child as they adapt to their new glasses. The question is, how can you do it effectively?

Continue reading below to learn how to make your child embrace their glasses with confidence.

Set Their Expectations

If you’re still preparing your child to wear eyeglasses, you need to set their expectations. You want to give them an idea of what they can expect from their first appointment with an ophthalmologist.

There are many reasons why children are hesitant to visit the doctor. For example, they may find the machines intimidating.

To decrease their anxiety, consider taking your child with you to your next eye exam. Let them observe the things that happen during the process.

Encourage them to ask questions to the eye doctor. Make them ask about how the machines work.

Also, you want to assure your child that the eye doctor is friendly. Tell them that the doctor helps improve your eyesight. Let them know that visiting the eye doctor plays an important role in eye care.

Make It a Fun Experience

Once your child starts to wear their glasses, there is a big chance they may find it uncomfortable at times. So you need to make wearing eyeglasses a fun experience.

During the measurement stage, have your child choose a pair. Have them pick the colors and designs they want. This will create excitement for the eyeglasses and reduce their fears.

Also, you want to pick a pair that matches their lifestyle. If your child is the active type, pick a pair that offers durability. There are many online options like Saflo kids eyewear, which offers kids’ eyeglasses in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

Another way to get them excited is to find a popular figure who wears glasses that your child can relate to.

Is your child a big Harry Potter fan? Then tell them that the young wizard also wears glasses.

Does your daughter follow Taylor Swift? Then find pictures of her wearing glasses and post them on your child’s bedroom wall for inspiration.

Shower Your Child With Praise

One of the most effective ways to boost your child’s confidence is to shower them with praise. So go all-out in telling your child how good they look in their new glasses.

Even if they’ve picked a weird or quirky design, tell them that the eyeglasses look perfect on them. In case you also wear glasses, tell them that the two of your wearing glasses together looks cool. This will eliminate their hesitation to wear glasses in public.

Involve Them in Goal-Setting

Since the purpose of wearing glasses is to improve your child’s vision, you need to set glasses-wearing goals for them. However, make sure to include them in the goal-setting process.

For starters, agree on a specific number of minutes your child should wear their glasses. It can be as little as 30 minutes a day, which you will gradually increase. The key is to get their opinion about it.

You need to make sure that they feel comfortable with the goals you are setting. Create a timeline that you will strictly follow. To make the transition to wearing glasses more engaging, consider giving your child prizes for every milestone they reach.

Make Them Feel They’re Not Alone

If your child is the only one in the family who needs to wear glasses, it can be a difficult transition for them. They may feel alone in their journey, especially at a young age. So you need to make them feel that they are not alone in this transition.

Break the stigma surrounding kids and glasses. Consider buying a pair of glasses for yourself. You can find plenty of stylish non-prescription eyeglasses online.

Also, visit different online communities that cater to families with children who need vision correction. There, you will find different stories on children wearing glasses. You can also get a few tips from other parents about getting kids to wear glasses.

Inform the Teachers

If your child is already in school, be sure to inform their teachers about their need to wear eyeglasses. Talk to the teachers and tell them about the number of hours your child needs to wear their glasses.

This is important, as some kids tell their parents that they wore their glasses in school. In reality, however, they choose to remove it once they become uncomfortable.

By informing the teachers, you can instruct them to monitor your child in school. You can request them to remind your little one to wear their glasses all the time.

Additionally, you may want to get your child an extra pair of glasses. This way, they will have one pair to wear in school and one pair to wear at home. This ensures that they will always have something to wear, wherever they go.

Teach Them About Ownership and Eyeglass Care

Last, but not least, teach your child about ownership and caring for their eyeglasses. Teach them that eyeglasses are not toys. They need to understand that these are delicate items that they need to take care of.

As owners of the eyeglasses, they need to learn how to clean them daily. Establish a daily cleaning routine with your child. Teach them how to wipe the glasses using a clean cloth and a cleaning spray solution every morning.

Learn More About Eyecare

By guiding your child in their transition to wearing glasses, they will proudly wear their pair while maximizing the benefits. They will feel more confident, even if it means being the only one sporting eyeglasses.

However, caring for the eyes involves more than wearing the right pair of eyeglasses. We invite you to expand your knowledge on eyecare by reading our other articles. We discuss topics that will help keep your vision in top-notch condition.

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