Personal Loan Interest Rate
Personal Loan Interest Rate

5 Factors That Influence Your Personal Loan Interest Rate

Personal loans are one of the finest financial instruments to handle your short-term financial needs. Financial institutions, like Fullerton India, provide personal loans to eligible borrowers at highly competitive rates of interest. However, the final interest rate at which the personal loan is offered varies from person to person. Therefore, one must understand various factors that might affect the interest rate at which you get your loan.

Most reputed lenders in the market will first verify your details as well as your documents before sharing the final interest for the instant personal loan online. Some of the crucial factors for a low personal loan interest rates are mentioned below:

5 Factors that Influence Your Personal Loan Interest Rate

Monthly income

Your monthly income is a critical factor while deciding the rate of interest for your loan. The higher the monthly income, the lower will be the rate of interest for your loan. Most financial institutions believe that a person with a higher monthly income has a lower probability of defaulting on their payments.

Always plan to take a loan that is proportional to your monthly salary as carrying a massive loan with a low monthly salary will incur a large interest rate.

Credit score

The credit score is the most critical factor in narrowing down your final rate of interest. Your credit score is a testimony of your financial viability. Your credit score gets affected every time you take credit or make a payment.

The financial institutions use the credit history to gauge your financial viability to return the loan on time. A good credit score, higher than 750, is desirable and will help you negotiate for your loan’s lower interest rate.

Nature of Employment

It is one of the personal loan requirements that is often ignored by the borrowers. The reputation and trustworthiness of your employer also matter. If you are working with a big and trustworthy company with good relations with the financial institution, you will be able to bargain for a low-interest rate. Always apply with a financial institution which has good relations with your company.

Loan payment history

Apart from the credit or CIBIL score, the lender will also verify any on-going loans or previously taken loans. The history of the loans will give them a fair idea of how much you can pay comfortably as monthly EMIs. You should also ensure to make regular payments for your dues on credit cards and other loans. If there is an open loan that is currently under process, then they will assess that too.

Personal Relationship

If you have earlier availed any institution’s financial services, then your current relationship with them will also affect the final rate of interest being charged on your loan. Being a loyal customer who consistently uses their product and repays all their debts on time will help you negotiate for better terms for the rate of interest.


If you are opting for Fullerton India Personal Loan Online or personal loan from other reputed lenders, check these pointers to get a low rate of interest. These will help you in assessing and negotiating for a better rate of interest.

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Maintaining a good credit score and a healthy relation with a financial institution will always serve you well in the long run. If you have all these points covered, then you are in for a treat. You can go ahead and apply for a personal loan online.

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