Feed additives

Feed additives

Often seen as toxic and most of the time prohibited, feed additives are however useful extra nutrient which has improved the livestock’s production and the animal’s growth, especially when they are naturally based, extracted from plants. Nor-feed suggests feed additives for all farm animals.

What are feed additives?

These are products implemented in animal nutrition. Generally, feed additives have as main purposes of the improvement of the quality of feed and the quality of food originated from animals. They are also used to improve the animal’s performance and health such as the enhancement of the digestibility of the feed materials, the hygiene or even the impact on intestinal health. There are actually many firms, which includes Nor-feed, that aim at developing feed additives for all species: animal feed additives, poultry feed additive, cattle feed additives, Pet supplements, a target which contributes to the improvement of animal welfare, to the constant reduction of the environmental impact of livestock and also to get healthier and tastier products.

Why invest in feed additives?

Apart from being a new initiative to improve animal well-being, to reduce the environmental impact of livestock, and to contribute to healthier and tastier goods, feed additives play also a gradually great role in animal nutrition. In fact, the livestock producers are constantly searching for new sustainable and natural ways to improve performance, to enhance gut health, to optimize feed conversion, to reduce and replace antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) in feed and even to consider consumers’ demands, the feed additives’ initiative seems to meet these requests. As feed additives are essentially based on plants and plant extracts developed for the main farm animals, they remain more performant and seem to care more about all the animals, the environment, and also the human being.

Categories of feed additives

Feed additives are only allowed to be sold if they get authorization from the EU. And so do the Nor-feed feed additives. In fact, there are controls that plan additives that are legal and free for use in animal feed. These authorized feed additives include technological additives or preservatives, sensory additives or flavorings, and colorings, nutritional additives- vitamins and minerals, zootechnical additives which are additives used to directly impact on the performance of animals in good health such as enzymes and micro-organisms and also coccidiostats and histomonostats.

To which animal give feed additives?

Nor-feed food additives, natural-based are developed for the whole farm animals and for the aquaculture market. So, producers and farmers can find at Nor-feed the appropriate feed additives suitable for their animals. For example, using Nor-feed to feed the poultry including the broiler, the turkey, the duck, the laying hen, for the conventional breeding or the biological farming, feed additives aim at responding to the great diversity of poultry farms and the steady growth in chicken production. But there are also many other feed additives suitable for ruminants, pigs, horses, aquacultures, and even for pets which can contribute to bringing a new breath to livestock, farming, and animal growth.

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