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Five Meaningful Birthday Present Ideas for Someone Special

Giving a gift to someone you love, especially on the anniversary of her birth, is nothing new. It is a tangible expression of your affection and appreciation. Every present speaks to the recipient, telling her that she is valuable and important in your life.

Gift-giving is indeed a beautiful tradition, but there is a prevailing misconception that the more expensive the gift, the more it expresses the giver’s appreciation and love. In reality, the intention of the person giving the present and the emotion that the gift evokes significantly mean more.

If you are used to giving material birthday presents fresh from the mall, you may want to get creative and put more thought and effort into what you are giving your loved one this time around. From a lovely happy birthday flower bouquet to a customized comic book, here are five sentimental gift ideas that you may want to consider:

Soundwave Art

Thanks to modern technology, you can now capture soundwave and turn it into a unique art piece. There are plenty of applications online wherein you can upload your theme song or voice, saying, “I love you,” and the app will transform it into a soundwave art.

Print a copy and frame the piece, so your sweetheart can hang it on the wall. This unique art will be an interesting conversation piece that will remind her of your love every day.

Bouquet of Fresh Flowers

Before you think that a happy birthday flower bouquet is too common to be special, know that numerous experiments have revealed that receiving lovely blooms is guaranteed to make the recipient respond with a smile of absolute pleasure known as the Duchenne smile. Flowers have yet to fail in making people happy, so it is still your best bet.

Find a reputable florist who can provide you with the loveliest and freshest blooms. More importantly, make the present more personal by including a hand-written note expressing how much you care, and you will surely touch her heart.

Customized Comic Book

If you have the skills and passion for drawing, you can create a comic book showing your love story. You can also commission an Art student to do the work for you. Just give him or her a gist of how the two of you met and fell in love, and let the creator translate your vision into a special comic book. This gift would be a great way to reminisce and a wonderful souvenir should the two of you get married eventually.

Love Coupons

Perhaps love coupons are extremely underrated as gifts. After all, not only are they interesting, but they give your loved one control over what type of service she wants to receive and when she wants it done.

Make a booklet of at least twenty redeemable love coupons. You can include items that are totally grand like a weekend getaway in a place you are yet to visit or something thoughtful like breakfast in bed or a nice, long massage.

Framed Star Map

Woo your significant other by giving her the stars in the sky – literally! There are apps where you can search for the stars’ alignment at a certain place in time. Search the place, date, and time when you two first met or when your loved one was born, and print the star map. Add a meaningful caption, and you have a gift, unlike any other.

The ideas above clearly show that birthday gifts do not necessarily have to sparkle with precious stones to be remarkable. With creativity, much thought, and sincere desire to make your special someone feel loved, you can surely come up with an extraordinary present that will mean more to her today and for many years to come.

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