Five Steps to Starting Your Next Hobby

Hobbies are incredibly important for our mental health and wellbeing. They allow us to pursue something we are passionate about, and give us a sense of fulfilment in our personal lives, as well as something new to do. You may be on the hunt for your next lockdown project, or are just interested in doing something new to spice up your routine. As some hobbies come with pretty big price tags to get started, you’ll want to follow these steps to one, choose a new hobby you love, and two, to start it on a budget:

1.   Explore Your Options

Explore your options! Follow crafters online and see the work that they do, read online guides and how-tos, and generally just explore what kind of hobbies, skills, and interests there are that are relevant to you. The hobby that you end up falling in love with could very well be something you never heard of, until you started to explore.

2.   Try Out a Taster

There are many great craft and hobby subscriptions out there, so if you aren’t sure or don’t have something specific in mind you can instead subscribe to one of these. This way you can try out a bunch of new things and see for yourself what you love, and what was fun for an afternoon, but perhaps not something to commit yourself to.

3.   Plan Out Your First Project

As you learn more about what you are interested in, you’ll eventually start to settle on an idea. Workshop that idea, because doing something for the sake of doing it is never as good as having a project that you can complete.

4.   Tips to Save on Your New Hobby

New hobbies can be expensive. Hobbies in general can be very pricey. If you love it, they are worth every penny, but that doesn’t mean that you should squander your pennies just because, especially not when there are many great ways for you to save.

To start, price compare items. Sometimes you’ll be able to find the same product for cheaper from a different store. Regardless of what store you end up shopping from, however, always, always search for a coupon or discount before you check out. You can save on a lot when you use a Hobby Lobby coupon, and take advantage of deals, discounts, and flash sales this way. Every little bit helps, and what you save can go towards your next hobby purchase.

5.   Not Into It? What to Do Next

It is entirely possible to get all the way to step four and realize you either don’t have time, or just aren’t loving your new hobby as much as you thought you would. In this case you should absolutely try to sell on your equipment and materials to another hobbyist who needs them. It is preferable to throwing the equipment and materials out, and is ideal especially if you cannot store them properly.

No matter what, however, don’t let anything discourage you from finding a new hobby to get lost in. We all need a little something to feel passionate about, and your next hobby should be it.

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