Forget same old Sex toys, Try chastity belts!!

Forget same old Sex toys, Try chastity belts!!

Does this name sounds familiar to you? But you fail to recall what these are? And what they do? Don’t worry, we are here to shed some truth on everything you need to know about these kinky link.

What is a chastity belt?

As the name says, it is a belt that ensures that woman remains chaste/Pure and Virtuous. In 2020, this might sound disturbing to you! According to legends, Chastity belts were a metal device that locks women’s genital area for sexual intercourse. The basic design was pretty much the same all over the medieval world with a leather or iron band around the waist and a padlock on the front and a small hole on the back for fecal excretion.

A portion of the belts had gaps fixed with sharp focuses that stuck out away from the lady’s body as a way to additionally prevent any men who may get close. Different belts were less agonizing looking, however likely still very awkward.

These virtuousness belts were even cushioned to abstain from cutting or scratching the lady wearing it. The cushions were anything but difficult to soil and must be changed frequently which somewhat invalidated the purpose of the belt to prevent their women from having sex with other men. The belts were never a comfort but a way of controlling women’s sexual life when their husbands went to war. The earliest drawing of a chastity belt showed up in 1405, in a work on military engineering called Bellifortis.

The question is, is that all the purpose? Actually No! With time as the use of chastity belts came into existence, the paradigm started to shift. Women went shopping for your next dildo happily as they were also a medium to protect themselves from getting sexually harassed in medieval times when their husbands and sons used to stay away for months in wars.

The Modern-day Chastity belts…

Today, Chastity belts had become a kink product of the BDSM regime. Not only women but also male chastity belts had become popularized in modern day 2020. This means that a wearer in a consensual relationship has to surrender control over their sexual acts, desires, and behaviors to their partner.

Chastity Belts for Men

As we enter in modern times, where everyone is more aware of their sexual identities, desires, and fetishes. Modern men know what they need and what they seek for their sexual satisfaction. If they love being a submissive, they do not fear their masculinity being shredded by surrendering themselves. Once they cage their penis in, the key holder is the master of everything a man craves. The market for this type of product is huge. Fetish enthusiasts and many couples look forward to increasing their intimacy and sense of adventure via chastity belts.

Modern-day chastity belt symbolizes:

  1. Control- BDSM is known for power exchange with one person consenting others to take charge. The one with the key is the master of their sub missive’s pleasure.
  2. BDSM Games- Chastity belts can be used for kinky games like ordering to wash dishes and make the house spotless to get the key. Try your imagination and think of the games and chores you can get done from your partner.
  3. Eroticism- Chastity belts are made of a variety of materials like leather, metal, etc. The slight touch of metal against your skin is enough to trigger arousal, sex fantasies, and desires. The sexual frustration which comes with chastity is the driving factor for the pleasure with these belts.
  4. Tease and denial- If you’re afraid of hardcore BDSM and dominatrix behavior, preventing orgasm and swearing off masturbation is one beginner step to achieve sexual gratification. Imagine you make your husband wear a belt for the whole day underclothes, and send him nudes during his working hours. The fun will never cease in your happy married life.

Which type of chastity belts, you should buy it?

The chastity belts come in a wide variety of materials ranging from stainless steel, silicon, ABSA plastic, titanium, leather, etc. All these are safe to use. The majority of customers target leather chastity belts as it looks badass, however, a customer must know leather belts are almost impossible to sterile and hard to maintain. Be extra careful about cleaning, if you chose to buy leather chastity belts.

Where you should buy them?

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