GoGoPDF: Protecting Your PDF With Passwords and More

PDFs have existed long enough for people to see their full potential. They have provided us the best convenience to transfer, view, and print any file and in any format. In this file format, you can attain optimum performance as you can perform your usual tasks faster without compromising quality.

Your recipient will not give any complaints as they can view them easily. Another advantage of these PDFs is their security features. Aside from their natural state of being less modifiable, they can also be encrypted with solid passwords upon a particular user’s request. However, this lock feature cannot be executed with the appropriate tool. Which tool should you use?

What is GoGoPDF?

GoGoPDF is mostly used for PDF conversion tasks, including the commonly used MS Office files such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. One of the main functions you would love about this tool is its efficiency to password protect PDF. GoGoPDF coheres to the best privacy consumer standards to keep your files safe and sound from any unwanted prying eyes.

GoGoPDF is the perfect choice to perform PDF tasks as it offers a wide variety of functions while providing an optimistic ambiance for its users. It is not quite common to use a tool for professional purposes with a colorful and vibrant aura, and this online tool defies that by allowing users to work as if they were doing it for leisure! Also, it comes for FREE!

How To Protect Your PDF with Passwords

If you are currently handling PDFs with sensitive or confidential content, it is best to protect them with solid passwords to keep them safe. With GoGoPDF, you can take advantage of their robust security system and 128-AES encryption protocol to solidify your PDF’s security. Aside from the strengthened password protection, GoGoPDF, by default, is secured itself.

The files you upload and process are for your eyes only and will be removed from their system within a 60-minute interval. For adding a password, GoGoPDF will continue making suggestions for you to achieve a stronger password. You can start by going to the GoGoPDF home page and click on the “Protect PDF” button.

  1. To upload your PDF, you can do a simple drag and drop to the GoGoPDF dropbox. Manually uploading it can also be done by clicking “Select Files.”
  2. You can now input your preferred password, and it is best to be a combination of letters, numerals, and symbols. Repeat your password and then click “Encrypt PDF.”
  3. You can now save your freshly encrypted PDF! Download your file right after the process or copy-paste the URL to distribute it online quicker.

GoGoPDF PDF Unlock Tool

Aside from password-protecting your PDFs, GoGoPDF can also help you unlock your encrypted PDFs. This online instrument is quite a flexible one and can cater to most of your PDF needs. But of course, GoGoPDF will only allow you to unlock a certain PDF if you are the authorized person to do so. The process is similar to that of protecting PDF.

You can follow a similar uploading process and input your PDF’s password to open it through GoGoPDF. You can save your file right away after GoGoPDF’s decryption. Take note that this unlock task can only be performed on PDFs that are locked lightly. GoGoPDF cannot open PDFs that are heavily encrypted as they may contain confidential or top-secret content.

Recovering Corrupted PDFs

One of the challenges in handling electronic files is file corruption. These problems do not only apply to PDFs but other file formats as well. Having a damaged or corrupted file means that there could have been an internet connection interruption during your file download. Or, you probably were performing too many tasks at the same time while downloading your file.

These damages can also happen to your PDFs. How do we manage them? With GoGoPDF, you can use the “Repair PDF” function and recover your corrupted PDFs! Although the chances of saving the full content may vary on the previous damage, GoGoPDF’s repair tool can help you repair its damages and recover as much content as possible.


GoGoPDF’s security measures are exceptional to keep its customer’s privacy intact. Safeguarding your private or confidential files are GoGoPDF’s top priority. Especially in this modern digital world, where technology is usually taken for granted, it is best to find a tool that respects consumer data privacy.

Although the mentioned tools are to protect, unlock, and repair only, GoGoPDF has more to offer! Check out their website to see more of their quality tools!

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