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Got hair extensions? These tips will help it to last longer


Do you know why your hair extensions are brittle, dry, and damaged? Then you should take a closer look at the ingredients you’re using to lather, style, and preserve your hair extensions. These tips on what not to use on clip-in hair extensions, deep wave bundles, body wave bundles, water wave bundles, kinky curly bundles, be it any type, certain type of care is needed.

Avoid using the below-mentioned products on your hair extensions:

  • Products that consist of Sulphate:

First things first, did you know sulfate has proven to be the worst product for you to use on your hair and hair extensions as well? Well, if you’ve been using it till now you still have time to save your hair or your hair extension. Sulfate is a compound that is commonly used in toothpaste and other cleaning items and is mostly used as a detergent. Sulfate shampoos are designed to get deep into the roots of our hair and give it a thorough clean, similar to how sulfate is used to clean our teeth.

Hair extensions, unfortunately, are unable to produce and replace the natural oils that are stripped away by sulfate washing, and as a result, the hair extensions become dry and brittle. Choose sulfate-free shampoos to prevent dry, matted extensions and to keep your clip-ins hydrated and moisturized.

  • Second bad thing? “Bleach” :

Bleach can also be avoided when using clip-in hair extensions. What is the reason for this? Since 100% of Remy human hair extensions have already gone through a chemical phase, bleaching them would only dry them out and reduce their lifetime. However, if you want to dye your hair extensions, we suggest starting with a lighter shade since our clip-in hair extensions can only be dyed darker.

  • Normal bristle hair brushes:

Have you been brushing your hair extensions with your regular brush? Then it’s time to call it a day! When using natural bristles on clip-in hair extensions, the hair strands will be broken. Instead, use brushes that are made specifically for hair extensions.

  • Any products which consist of alcohol is supposed to be avoided:

Never use alcohol-based items on your clip-in hair extensions! Alcohol-based products can just tangle your hair extensions and cause them to shed and matt profusely. Examine the ingredients on the bottle to see if the items you’re using contain alcohol. The ingredients mentioned first are typically the ones that make up the majority of the shampoo. If alcohol is on the list, it’s best to stay away from the substance entirely.

Now, that you’ve come to know about the damages that could probably cause to your hair or your hair extensions precisely by using the above-mentioned products. There are some more things that you may need to consider in order to take proper care of your hair or your hair extensions. Kindly keep reading as mentioned below:

  • Bringing change in your hair care routine or hair regime:

Combining your hair on a regular basis is essential to avoid tangles at the roots as your hair grows. When cleaning, be careful and hang on to the bonds to prevent yanking them out. To keep the bonds tight, avoid using any hair care items that contain alcohol and instead use hydrating sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Often, try to wash and condition your hair in just one way.

Rubbing the hair vigorously and in circular movements will do more harm than good. To avoid tangles, always blow-dry the bonds after showering, even though the rest of your hair is air-dried.

  • Change in sleeping habits:

Now that you’ve understood the things you should be definitely avoiding all day, let’s jump into another main topic which is to take care of them in the night as well. So how can you do it?

First things first, don’t sleep with wet hair, for the simple reason that it can break the bonds. The second best thing you can do is to tie up your hair in a ponytail or a braid, whichever suits you and make you feel comfortable. Another reason is to get them away from getting tangled. Third yet a very important thing to do is to opt for a silk pillowcase, as it is gentle and prevents it from breakage. If you don’t want to give up your cotton pillowcase, you could consider a silk cover as an alternative.

Many types of extensions, deep wave bundles, body wave bundles, and many other types, you can style in any design you want but remember the care that comes along with it.

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