Growing Cannabis in the UK: Recommendations from the Community

Interested to start experimenting with growing cannabis? You are not alone. More and more people in the UK are interested in growing cannabis. It often concerns people who already consume cannabis, but normally buy it off the street. The downside of these products is the origin and the production process. What has been used in the production process? There could be a wide range of pesticides and artificial growth additives in cannabis. Not something you would like to inhale. This has fostered a new era of cannabis growing in the UK.

How to start?

The ideal way to start is by growing from feminized cannabis seeds. This is a special breed where you can always be sure that the plant you grow is female. This makes the process less stressful as you know that you will work towards a positive result. These feminized cannabis seeds grow at their best at around 21 degrees Celsius. Most homes are around this temperature, making it the perfect plant to grow in your home.

Lower costs, more fun

When the plant can grow at room temperature you will need less equipment to grow it. This is beneficial as the costs can be quite steep if you want advanced equipment. The chance of succeeding with the feminized cannabis seeds is high, especially for novices.

What else is out there?

Looking for some more challenge? Amnesia haze is a famous plant that is renowned around the world. It is a special breed that is developed in the United States and became big when they found their way to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The amnesia haze is a mixture of different breeds and comes together as a strong plant with an intense high. This does not only require an experienced grower, but also an experienced consumer.

Leverage the international community

More and more people across the globe are growing cannabis themselves. In the UK, there is a vast community of forums, websites, and social media that you can leverage. here you can share your experiences and retrieve insights from other growers. The number of growers is also increasing due to COVID-19 and the lockdowns imposed by governments. People are looking for indoor hobbies and growing cannabis might just be it.

It’s like cooking

You could compare growing cannabis with cooking. You not only enjoy the process of preparing but also experience the end product. This makes it a satisfying and fulfilling hobby to start. Some of your friends might enjoy it too! There are some applications out there that can help you connect and share progress. This does not have to be limited to your existing friends, but can be shared with people all across the globe. Time to put your lockdown time to good use!

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