Hani Zeini’s Views on How Digitization is Transforming the World of Business 

The buzzword “digital transformation” or “digitization” of late has become immensely popular. Digitization is the process of using digital technologies to develop new business processes or modify existing processes. Digitization has changed the way businesses work. With organizations moving to smart applications from traditional spreadsheets and paper in managing their operations, they have a chance in reinterpreting ways in which they do business, ways in which they are engaging with customers, having digitization on their side.

Hani Zeini’s Viewpoint on Ways in Which Digitization is Transforming Business

  • Streamline the Process- Digitization has given businesses a complete makeover. Over time business processes have been created and have activities often that are time-consuming and redundant. Through digitization, these tasks are simplified, says Hani Zeini. Business operations like analytics, communication, and data storage can become adaptable and collaborative through technological advances, which results in maximum ROI. This way, a business will move at a quick pace and move towards further advancement and improvement.
  • Empower the Workforce- Technological advances and new age innovations help the workforce in becoming more proficient in the daily tasks. Employees will complete their tasks swiftly and also function better. Workforce transformations can occur through digitization that can take the business towards improvements and thus uphold a competitive edge. With digital transformation taking place in the workforce, employees master new technologies, which in turn empower them as well as give them confidence.
  • Flexible Work- A big credit goes to digitization that is helping people when and how to work. As the complete information and data are stored on digital devices and digital media, it can be transformed and accessed easily from anywhere. Digitization and technological progress, according to Hani Zeini, has helped people in adjusting work to their lifestyle and personal needs. As technological tools offer many services, maximum companies depend on remote workers and freelancers as they deliver work through the World Wide Web and varied platforms and often much faster than those who work in the office.
  • Innovation- Digital transformation or digitization is transferring data to electronic things yet also using these things and discovering new ways to develop the same. Today the market is flooded with countless innovative and new solutions that can be applied to any facet of the business. Technology coupled with innovation helps companies develop new ideas, use special tools to organize and manage work, reach wider audiences, and create an improved product that makes customers satisfied, happy, and above all, improves their daily life.
  • Communication- Communication is a vital facet of life, without which businesses cannot create the right product and cannot thrive. Today businesses are blessed with different tools such as Facebook, videos, blogs, Skype, and others that help in a hassle-free exchange of information. All this is made possible through digitization.

In the absence of digitization, the world of business would be boring. Thanks to technological advances in digitization, it has made it possible on the part of businesses to create & develop new opportunities for self-employed workers, entrepreneurs, and companies.

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