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Hash vs Marijuana: What’s the Difference?

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Flavonoids are a unique group of plant chemicals, and you can find a ton of flavonoids in marijuana, as well as hashish. If it wasn’t for flavanoids, your favorite strain of bud wouldn’t smell or taste the same. However, while hash and marijuana may share a lot of the same plant chemicals, there’s still very different. What’s the difference between hash vs marijuana? Read on to find out!

What Is Marijuana?

Cannabis, pot, weed, and bud are all used to describe the marijuana plant. When people talk about smoking marijuana, they are talking about smoking the marijuana leaves or buds. Unlike smoking CBD, smoking marijuana will get you high.

One of the reasons users get high after smoking weed has to do with one of marijuana’s chemical compounds, THC. THC is one of the many chemical compounds found in marijuana plants.

Since THC has psychoactive properties, inhaling it can produce an almost euphoric-like effect. However, smoking marijuana isn’t the only way to enjoy the plants. You can also vape weed, use it as a topical, or eat it!

What Is Hash?

Next, on our discussion of hash vs marijuana, let’s see what hash is all about. Hash is derived from marijuana plants, it’s a type of cannabis extract. To make hash you have to extract the trichomes found on cannabis flower.

Trichomes are tiny crystals that cover marijuana buds, and they’re full of THC. The more trichomes on a marijuana bud, the more potent it’ll be. For instance, Platinum Buds, are always covered in trichome crystals.

By extracting the trichomes, your hash can contain all of the flavonoids, cannabinoids, and THC necessary to make hash powerful. If you’ve never seen hash before, it usually looks golden brown.

If you ever come across hash that has a green tint to it, be careful. Green tinted hash is a sign that the trichomes weren’t properly extracted. Instead, the hash includes all of the marijuana plant matter, including leaves and stems.

Smoking green-tinted hash can be a much harsher smoking experience than smoking golden brown hash. Since more of the plant is present, instead of just the THC-rich parts, green hash is also less potent.

One of the nicknames that hash has is chocolate since it looks like a chocolate bar when it’s in brick form. However, you won’t need a whole bar of hash to get high. Instead, all you need is a tiny amount.

How to Get High From Hash

how are you supposed to use hash? There are a few different ways! If you enjoy smoking marijuana, then you’d probably enjoy smoking hash as well.

You can use the same pipe or bong you would pack a bowl of bud in to pack a bowl of hash instead. We suggest mixing the hash with marijuana so that your hit isn’t too harsh. By mixing your hash with your marijuana, you’ll also be able to make it last longer.

It’s also a good idea to use a high-powered lighter when you’re smoking a bowl of hash. Hash requires higher temperatures to stay lit, and it’ll need to be lit more often. If you don’t want to mix your hash with marijuana, you can always smoke a solo hash bowl. Keep in mind, however, you’re going to get high!

Hash Edibles

If smoking isn’t your thing, then you can try eating hash instead. Simply heat the hash, until it starts to melt. Next, mix the hash with unsalted butter. Now you have cannabutter. You can use cannabutter in a ton of recipes to make delicious THC-infused edibles.

Flavor Difference Between Hash and Marijuana

Another way that hash differs from marijuana is in the way that it tastes. Smoking a bowl of weed usually brings with it a nice fresh, and sometimes even fruity flavor. Weed is also rich with a wonderful aroma, thanks to all of the terpenes.

Hash, on the other hand, tends to have a more complex taste. For instance, it’s normal for hash to have a deep rich flavor, that might even be a little bit spicy. The flavor of your marijuana or hash is going to vary depending on the strain of weed being used.

The flavor of your hash will also vary depending on the way that it’s produced. There are a few different ways for has to be made, and each way has its pros and cons.

Make Your Own Hash

How can you make hash? One of the simplest, but most time-consuming ways, is the handling method.

The hand-rolling method is one you can do on your own, without using any equipment. To start, you’ll need wet cannabis leaves and a clean working surface. You’ll also need a tool, such as a card, that can help scrape the resin off of your hands.

The reason you need to use wet cannabis leaves has to do with the trichomes. Most of the tracks will have fallen off-dry cannabis buds. Whereas wet cannabis leaves, as long as it’s a potent strain, trichomes.

To begin, simply place a piece of the cannabis leaves between your palms and begin rolling it together. Roll in a circular motion until you start to notice the black resin building up on your hands.

When there is enough resin to scrape off, scrape it off and collect it on your clean working surface. Repeat the process until you have a sizable ball of resin. Once you have the hash ball, all you need is a pipe to put it in.

Understanding Hash vs Marijuana

Now that you know the difference between hash vs marijuana, which are you most interested in trying? Remember that mixing your hash with marijuana flowers is one of the best ways to make it last.

You can also transform your hash and or marijuana into cannabutter, to enjoy all sorts of fun THC edibles. Are you ready for more helpful tips like the ones he found in this article? Go ahead and check out another one of our guides on the site.

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